Concert with Grandma

April 6, 2017
By desireemorgan99 BRONZE, Union City, Ohio
desireemorgan99 BRONZE, Union City, Ohio
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I remember sitting in Ag. class Sophomore year when i got a text message from my dad. I knew it had to be something important because that’s the only time he initiates a conversation is when something is important. I remember looking at the message and it felt like  my entire world stopped. It was a message saying I had to call my grandma as soon as possible  because she found out she had lung cancer. When i walked into my apartment door i went straight to my mom crying, hyperventilating, and shaking. She wasn’t to happy with the fact that my dad told me while I was at school and over the phone. She felt that he should have came to visit and sat me down or tell her so she could sit me down and tell me instead of just a message.

I called my grandma twice a day after I got that message. I would ask her how she was and all she would say is “I’m fine Sugarbug.” But i could always tell by her voice she was anything but fine. Then when I would ask if she was sure she would change the topic and ask me questions about my day. I would let it go and answer her questions even though i really wanted to know how she as, but i knew she would answer me. She was never one to tell people how she was really feeling which is how I am. So I think that’s where I get that quality from.
I remember one conversation we had i told her i was going to go to the Reba concert in Kettering. She was so excited for me her voice squeaked over the phone when she said, “Oh my goodness Sugarbug!” She told me a story from when she was younger and still with my grandpa. She said she and my grandpa showed up late to a show so they could get in free. At the time if you showed up towards the end they assumed you were there the entire time and let you by. She said it just so happened to be a Reba Concert and it was her last song. “I Remember the big Red hair and Sparkly red dress she wore while she sang “Fancy”, Oh honey it was amazing!” She said in her tired voice. I told her I would call her right after the show and tell her everything about it.

But on July 31,2015, The day after my dad's birthday, i was making Mac-N-Cheese for lunch when my mom said my dad was on the phone. When I greeted him with a joke asking if i already said Happy birthday I heard his serious voice say “Boo-boo” Something he only calls me when I’m said or he has something serious to say. I stopped what i was doing and asked him what was wrong. In a matter of seconds I felt like my entire world crashed. He told me that my grandma died earlier that morning and said that he just got the call from my uncle Rick. I turned off the stove, sat on the floor and started crying just as my mom walked in with her cup. She must have already known what was wrong because she didn't ask questions. She just sat down and kept saying things like “She's in a better place” and “She’s not hurting anymore.”

Ten days later was the Reba concert. I was overjoyed don't get me wrong, don't get me wrong, but i was feeling a bit sorrow that day knowing i wouldn't be able to call my grandma like I said I would and tell her everything about the show. I gave them my ticket and went and found my seat which was eleven rows from the front so I had a good view. Then i went and bought a concert T-Shirt and instantly put it on. As my aunt, Mimi  and I waited for the show to start I went to the restroom and ran into a woman who, at first glance, looked EXACTLY like my grandma. But I brushed it off and walked back to my seats just before the show started.

The show itself was amazing! I knew every song and made some friends while I was there. She sang my favorite song “When Whoevers in New England” which I freaked out about. If you ask me she sounds better in concert then on a track, but that's just my opinion. Then as the show “ended” the announcer called out “Ladies and Gentlemen give it up for Reba!” Me being me I started chanting ‘Reba Reba Reba’ over and over. Soon the entire Fraze Pavilion was chanting ‘Reba’ along with me. Less than a minute later, Reba stepped back out in a sparkly red dress and ruby red heels. Soon the first chords to ‘Fancy’ began to play. I felt my lip begin to quiver and my hands began to shake. As she started to sing I felt the tears fall down my face wondering if this is what my grandma saw when she watched Reba years ago with my grandpa. I looked at my Mimi who just smiled sadly at me and rubbed my back.

After the show was finally over we went to leave, but we waited to let some of the traffic to die down. My Mimi decided to use the bathroom before we left. I pulled out my phone and dialed my grandma's number momentarily forgetting she wouldn't answer. Once it reached voice mail I broke down again. After the tone I left a message anyways, “You were right grandma, she was amazing.” I remember how my voice cracked and I can still feel the wet streaks on my cheeks. After doing that I still feel like I kept my promise to my grandma.  Still today, I still call her phone just to hear the voice on the voice mail. “Please your message for, Kaye , after the tone.” BEEP.

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