school memoir

April 2, 2017
By , calicut, India
Today was the last day of my school life.To be honest i was not that emotional.i was quiete un happy thinking about my school friends.The faces i wont see again may be some will be here .or others might have gone to other colloges abroad.we met all of our teacher. They were very sad about our going.our junioirs who are soon going to be the next seniors gave a fantastic farewell. I looked around my school campus.she was beautifull with the big banyan tree in the middle where children used to sit and chat.our garden with several blooming colourfull flowers,our school canteen where we used to fight for snacks,the blackboard our bench and desk.our principal with a charming smile.yes i will miss all of it.stepping out of school gate i took a last view of my school.i couldnt resist my tears anymore i cried holding my school bag close to my heart.i let it friends hugged me and they too started school our second home ..will surely miss you sweatheart.

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