Fried Flashlight

March 31, 2017
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Under normal circumstances I would walk away in a different direction. But I couldn’t really think about that because I’d never run smack into a huge gust of cold air. I stand up and try to turn on my flashlight which had turned off when I fell. However when I tried to turn it on it lit up so bright I could see the bark on all of the trees around me even stranger the flashlight started flickering still just as bright with every flicker. Then the flashlight turns of. Now I'm standing in the middle of the woods alone with no flashlight in the middle of the night. Great. I try to make my way through the woods by the moonlight but give up after running into trees and bushes over and over again. So I do the only thing I can think at that moment. I lie on the ground and hope that the sun will rise as soon as possible. Then I turn my head and see a small dome of light. I stand up and begin to make my way towards it.

After getting closer to the light I feel the ground beneath me drop and I fall a good 10 feet before hitting the ground. When I regain my breath I see the light is coming from three gold hills about 100 yards away. I get up and slowly walk towards them. I finally make it to them and see that they are about 3 feet tall and make of gold. I reach my hand out to touch them and then they glow even brighter then my flashlight did. As I try to block the light from my eyes I feel the same blast of cold air that I felt before my flashlight went out. Then I start feeling light headed stumble backwards and fall back and pass out. I wake up the next morning and stand up abruptly not knowing what happened. I look around me in all directions but I don't see any of the three golden hills that I had seen before. But I do find my backpack and inside it is the flashlight the top of it burned black. I don't know what happened but next time i'll take a high road.

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