God Is at Work

March 27, 2017
By , wolcottville, IN

It was in the Middle of eight grade and I was playing In gym we were playing volleyball. My knee started to hurt a lot I thought I had Injured It while playign Volleyball. I told My partents they gave me a Knee Brace to put on my knee to put pressure to help with the pain. A couple weeks went by and my knee was still serverling hurting to the point were standing on It was kinda Impossible. So we made a doctor appoment we got me a couple X-rays. the doctor said she would call when the pictures came In. A couple days later the doctor called my dad ,  and when I got home my dad told me he said that they said I have a tumor In my leg It was behide my knee and It was the size of a golf ball. When i finally understood what was actually being told to me I bawled and bawled until I was asleep. My mom and Dad started to make appointments for me. I had so many x-rays and I had so many needles put In my arm. We had multiple trips down and back to Indainpolis  and my dad was the one driving every time. The doctors told us It looks like cancer I didn't want to hear that. The doctors told me I had cancer then they told my parents i didn't have cancer and back and forth. I had enough I told them just tell me the truth am I going to die. I was scared I thought this was It. A month later I had sugery at Riley Hospitial. My sugergy was at noon but my surergy ended up being at 2:00 I was worried I thought I wasn't going to make it through sugergy. But I did I was in the recovery room my aunt came and she gave so many kisses and I was feeling super loved. I found out at the being of this horrible adventure still going to countine until recovvery is over My God was there every moment and everyday helping me through it. I lost hope I was angry At him for letting me get cancer. But I learned If he wasn't with me I probably wouldn't have made it thorough with out his help. The doctors told me there is a good chance that the tumor could come back and that time being cancer. "but if it does come back I will be strong as I need to be" i told my parnets. everyone in my family took it hard but It hit me the hardest. I still look at the scare thinking what woulg it have been like without god there and without my familys' support.

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chior said...
Mar. 29 at 2:18 pm
ask me anything about this if you want to. plz
chior said...
Mar. 29 at 8:40 am
love it in think it was very good
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