Shooting for the Stars

March 16, 2017
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The sun had already come down and all the rides had their colorful lights on. We were in the Six Flags Amusement park in New Jersey and we had been there for half the day already. It was me, my boyfriend, his sister, and our friends. We walked around the crowds of people and the smell of fried desserts. Stands for drinks and “ dip n dots” were on every corner we saw selling their products for unreasonable prices. We come across this especially big contraption and my fear starts to rise when someone said “ let’s do it”.

Everyone is our group agrees to go on, so we each chose our partners and go pay for the tickets at the small decorated booth with a single person inside of it. The ride was tall and had a spherical shaped two seater in the middle. The ride was called “ The Slingshot”, it owned up to its name because it did exactly that with its victims. They were shot up into the air going several miles per hour. It was a terrifying ride to look at.

Next thing I knew I was sitting next to my boyfriend all strapped into the seat. My palms were sweaty rubbing up on the metal bars just waiting for the count down to begin. The ride pulled us back and instead of looking at our friends cheer us on we were now looking straight ahead up at the dark navy blue sky. Soon enough the operator started the countdown “ three… two..” and flying we went up. I felt a tingle in my stomach, like butterflies from the adrenaline rush. When we reached the climax of the ride I looked straight up and saw the stars. Everything in that moment was so quiet and so calming, for those few seconds we were at that point, everything had paused. It felt like time itself had stopped so that I could really feel that moment.  I felt happy and free like a bird flying in the air. Then everything came back as we went back down. I started to scream with enjoyment, while my partner on the other hand  was not enjoying it as much as I was. His scream was more of a terrified little girl scream. The ride comes to a halt and we got unstrapped by the ride operator and got off. We walked towards our friends on the other side of the gate and they ask how was it, I replied, “ amazing” with a big smile.


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