The Forgotten One

March 12, 2017
By ked12345 BRONZE, Abington , Massachusetts
ked12345 BRONZE, Abington , Massachusetts
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I am constantly alone yet surrounded by so many.  How can that be?    

As the summer began to come to an end, the school year was on the horizon.  Many memories flash through my mind about the wonderful times being surrounded by my loving friends and family.  My brothers specifically, being there when my world seemed to come to a halt.  Sean is the sense of hope.  Talking with my brother or hearing the name Sean has always gave me the feeling that everything would be okay in the end.  Bryan was my source of laughter and my go to.  Having a bad day?  Straight to Bryan I went.  The tears that were once made up of sadness are turned into joy as the laughing becomes constant and the tears of such joy were trailing down my face.  The thunderstorm had gone away and the sun-shower began.  Oh do I wish I could turn back the time.    

The beginning of the 180-day haul came and the clicking began trying to catch the memories.  You never realize what you have until you don’t have it anymore.  My brothers had gone back to their studies in the hilly land of Arkansas and then I realize I had no one.  I was left behind without a second thought.  As the days go on I become weaker and weaker, the constant smile, laughter, and happiness vanished like a vampire at the sight of light. Hope went flying out the window once the two of them stepped foot in Arkansas.  Our relationships like the Ozark Mountains, many highs and lows.  For 14 years of my life I had two boys constantly around.  Growing up with rooms less than five feet away from each other’s to now, living 1,565 long miles away from each other, the unthinkable became the reality, and I’m living in a constant nightmare.  My life fully consumed of loneliness, but actress-like efforts are made to hide away the pain.  My two brothers live right down the street from one another and are soon to be moving in with one another.  I am the forgotten one in their life, they have moved on without their little sister, but I cannot move on without my big brothers.  They are the sunlight in my life, and for ten months of the year I live in complete darkness.     

The friendships I have could never come close to the relationships I have with my wonderful brothers.  Although when we’re apart the relationships are lost in the wind, when the time comes and the sunlight appears in my life again, we’ll pick up right where we left off.  I’ll forget about the dark days I lived for the ten months without them, because being sorrowful around them would be ruining the best part of my life.  

Reuniting with light and seeing my brothers made every lonely bone in my body vanish. Delight was an understatement when it came to the time I spent with my brothers; it was like they never left. As the hands on the clock went around and around it came closer for the happy times to come to an end, and the boys to head back to their new home. Goodbyes never came easy so it’s just a see you soon, as the loneliness kicks back in as the head onto the plane.

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