March 9, 2017
By , queens, NY

I’m imprisoned by my own mind; my thoughts include the overanalyzing of everything. But in the same sense I truly don’t think of anything important. My mind hops from the idea of finger nails, to questioning the purpose of eyelashes, and in between the thoughts of nothing I question my own existence.  What is the true reason I was put here on this earth? And if the intent of putting me here was to enact some sort of change and goodness, then I have lost. For someone who thinks nonstop I sure don’t think of anything meaningful, and with all the thinking you would assume I would use it for something substantial, but even so I don’t understand the logic of me inspecting everything.  It’s like my thoughts have their own little mind, they just grab ahold of my head with their strong and powerful hands, and when all Is done and I think I have exhausted all possibilities of everything, my thoughts come around again to capture any moment of living freely. 

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Mrs. M. said...
Mar. 12 at 11:38 am
Proud of you! Turn it into a poem and perform it.
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