Kid vs. Car

March 6, 2017
By Anonymous

“Who wants to go on swervy road?”My sisters’ uncle yelled.

Me and my sister looked at each other. We both started running and yelled;”Me!”
We both ran to the car before he could say,
“Ok, hop in.”
We got in his truck and started on the swervy road. We were just heading over the really swervy part when i heard the conversation between my sister and her uncle.

“It is your brothers turn to drive, OK?” He asked my sister.

My sister turn toward him and then faded back into her normal slouch saying “ Oh, ok…” disappointedly.
The burst of joy inside me made me want to jump out of my seat and fly all the way to pluto. I never got to drive. In fact, It was the first time i have seen him so I have never really been able to drive.


I sat in the seat and I could not reach to pedals so I had to sit in his lap. I touched the wooden smooth ‘spinny thingy” and as soon as i did i felt alive. “VROOOOM VROOOOM!’ I yelled. I pictured myself in a super speed racecar. With the crowd cheering! We started to move. Uh-oh I wasn’t ready for how fast the car went. (Even though it was only going 10 mph). 


“OK now all you have to do is turn right.” my sisters’ uncle said.
I started to sway left and right a little bit and during the whole time they were yelling at me!


“Which way is right?” I calmly asked. Everyone started to hesitate and getscared. So i played a quick game of eenie meenie miney moe. “That way!” I decided. (Which was left) I steered left just a little but then everyone yelled at me; “This way, that way” na na na na na……. So annoying!

“Tree! There is a tree Josh!” my sister yelled. Oh no, I thought I was going to run right into the brown blurry thing.


The suspense was killing me, nobody was doing anything and i was turning the wrong way! It was like nobody cared if we crashed or not. Wait a big brown blurry thing?


“Tree!” My sister yelled.

At this point I was panting really hard.

My sisters uncle pushed me out of the seat and we all awkwardly laughed in relief as he turned away from the tree. I was still scared to death though.


Thank you, and everyone who reads this, be safe on the road and never drive underage or drunk.

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