Snow Day

March 5, 2017
By EricktheLlama SILVER, Hemet, California
EricktheLlama SILVER, Hemet, California
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It was a chilly weekend, without the echoing chirp of birds which was usually heard in the time of day had been silenced by the dark blanket called night. My father had told me that it might snow tonight which was just the motivation I needed to stay up all night looking out the window, just waiting for the first flakes to fall down to earth. One in the morning, nothing. Two in the morning, still nothing. It wasn’t until I realized I had been playing in snow which was only a dream only to find that there still wasn’t any snow to be seen it was three thirty in the morning. I had finally given up and just went to bed for the compulsion of my eyes closing was stronger than my willpower which had deteriorated because of my low patience, but I still had a tiny sliver of hope that when I would wake up this time there would actually be snow, so I crossed my tiny fingers and hoped.

BEEP-BEEP-BEEP were the sounds I wake up to as my alarm clock bleats uncontrollably like a goat. Racing to the window I notice that it's actually quite warm in the house which it shouldn't be because we never have the heater on until we wake up, which was off. Then to my surprise there was no snow just puddles of water from the rain. Disappointment soon took me over and I was devastated on why there wasn’t even a single spec of snow on our yard. At the breakfast table my dad had told me to cheer up and also to dress up because we were going to the store. In the car, still angry at nature I noticed that we had passed the classic store which we always go to and I asked where we were going. My dad responded with it's a surprise. I had fallen asleep in the boring car ride for probably about two hours when I was waking up to my left was a sheer mountain of rocks and above those rocks was the white fluffy goodness of snow. My heart was pounding with disbelief at this opportunity right as my dad parked the car I raced out and was rolling around in the pure blanket. My dad and I built a snowman complete with a carrot for a nose and coal for his buttoned white jacket. Even after what seemed like twenty minutes had actually been four hours and it was time to ascend back down to earth from the mountain. In the car I was sad we had to go back but for the first time in my life I had actually touched the white fluffy blanket people call snow.

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