Life as a Runner

March 6, 2017
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Running, Everyone seems to hate running. Here's how I view running, Ever since I was a kid, I knew I had a talent for running long distances. We had the running course in 1st grade and all the way through 3rd. Everyday at lunch I would go run the course and get my stamps so I could go turn them in for a prize. I did this everyday and got a lot of prizes and such, then in 4th and 5th grade we did the pacer test, I would get the highest in my class and everyone would ask how can you run like that and I never had an answer for them because I really don't know how I do it, I just do it. I never really knew where I got the skill of running from, my dad told me he never really did any running until college when he took a fitness class and my mom said she was a runner when she was younger and ran on her high school track team. So I figured that's where I got it from.

I use my ability to my best, but I always know there will be people faster like Luke Noah, he is just a born runner and is insanely fast in distance races. I always try to keep up with him in the beginning, but by about two laps in I just can't keep up and have to slow to down or else I wouldn't be able to finish the race. Every year I do track and every year I improve on my times from Mr. Wonders painful workouts, they say no pain no gain, this couldn't be more real than in running. The pain is extraneous, your legs will burn like fire and your core will cramp and feel like someone is stabbing you, finally to top off all that your throat will feel like it's bleeding on a hot day.  I‘m at a 5:00 minute mile on the dot and my two mile time is 10:51. I also feel that with more competition the faster and better times I get because I'm not just racing myself, I'm racing others also so I have the drive to win. I always dig deep, for every spot I usually wait until about the last 100 or 150 yards left because I feel I need to be able to get up to speed so I train to be able to hold this sprint for this long. And when you’re in this last sprint, people will say you didn't try hard enough to be able to sprint the last part of it. That's not true for during this time you don't feel your legs, they're just moving through the air, it feels like you're flying.

Most of my life I have practiced running and continued to do it because I love running, it's a weird thing to say for most people, but I'm not most people. I feel running is a very good way to just clear your mind and escape reality, so when everything isn't going so well you can just go for a run and all those problems and concerns go away and you just go to a completely different world. This is why I like running so much because it relieves so much stress and worry, most people say they don't like running... But a lot of people will go on runs to clear their mind, so why do they hate running so much? I think it's because ever since we were kids we were basically taught physical activity is hard and no fun. But it's the complete opposite, physical activity is a great thing and yes, it's hard,  but you need to go through the hard times to get to the great times.

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