Cosmetics Application in My Life

March 3, 2017
By GlamorousGal71 SILVER, North Collins, New York
GlamorousGal71 SILVER, North Collins, New York
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Cone-shaped beauty blenders, caramel-coated blushes, and whimsical mascara that plumps up my weak eyelashes. What could all of these significant beauty appliances possibly have in common?  They all play a role in my daily preparations; from gathering just a few droplets of Maybelline skin-tone-10 BB cream, to hunting down a slew of fan-style beauty brushes and eyelash primers, makeup IS my life. I know, I know...nowadays people are leaning towards the “barely-there-naturally-fresh-face” look, but not me. No...for me, I pamper myself with the full ten-yards of cosmetics: foundation, concealer, primer (for both eyelids and eyelashes), three long-strided swipes of mascara, highly pigmented highlighters, an Amy Winehouse-style cat eye, rollable CoverGirl coral-colored blush, and even the new Kylie Jenner lip kit, Valentine, all take up approximately seventy-five percent of my post-awakening morning routine. I can not bare one day to go out into public without a slightest glimpse of makeup; I refuse to. You know why I can’t? It is due to the implementary reason that I am a colossal makeup and beauty product junkie. You can’t even see my desk in my turquoise bedroom due to a plethora of mint-plastic tubes of shimmery lip gloss, containers of creamy nude eyeshadows, and dozens of highlighters cluttering all about. I live, breath, and taste any (and ALL) beauty and facial products thrown my way. Going to school completely bare-faced, to me, would be like my car breaking down on a highway; you feel oh-so awful, plus everyone passing you is silently judging you with a “what the?” side eye glance. I probably sound like an extremely artificial person (which, by the way, I’m not), but this is the only course of action that I could take in order to display the true reason as to why I can not, do not, and will not, depart from my zip-up cosmetic bag and my dozens of beauty brushes and blushes. I am not one to judge how another person wears his/her makeup. Ranging from a neutral undertone to a full-blown-drag-queen-primadonna look, the human interception of beauty varies greatly. Who am I to judge when there’s over three billion people on this planet who enjoy different textures and tones of different cosmetic products. I only know one thing: I am proud of who I am, who I want to be, and (most importantly) how I apply my makeup.

The author's comments:

The composition of cosmetics is my PASSION in life.

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