Toothpick Catastrophe

March 3, 2017
By , North Collins, NY

I thought I was going to die that day. I was only eleven at the time. Our house hasn’t been remodeled yet and I obviously needed a new lens prescription. Amelia and her friend, Sara, were watching Shirley Temple on the old box tv. We still had the video cassette player and constantly watched movies. I kept coming over to watch the movie for a little bit and then Amelia would constantly tell me to leave. The last time I came over, she demanded me to leave, or else, she would tell my mom. I started to quickly get up and turn the sharp corner of the couch when all of a sudden, CRUNCH. “OUCHHHHH,” I yelled with excruciating pain. My mother rushed down the stairs and had a worried expression on her face. She laid me down on the couch and tried using tweezers to get the toothpick out. I could feel the sharp bulging pain in my foot, my heart started to pound, heat bursted from my chest. My mom got my dad and he carried me to the car. Amelia was sobbing this whole time and gave me all her candy. She literally thought I was dying. My dad drove carefree of the speed limit as fast as he could go like 3 mph over the speed limit. In the blink of an eye, I was at the Lakeshore Emergency room. The procedure took about 30 minutes and the lady found about a half an inch of the toothpick in my foot and (surprisingly) it didn’t hurt at all while she was exterminating the piece of toothpick. The next day, I went to church and of- course there was an outdoor mass that day...and I was late. I walked down the path limping and my dad was helping me walk. We thought that it was just the effect after the surgery but just to make sure, we went to Children’s hospital in Buffalo. I had the person examine my foot and said that there might still be some toothpick left so they performed surgery again and I am still awake for this time. It felt kind of like a ticklish feeling of the instruments being poked in my skin. Thank the lord I didn’t have to see how it looked like or I probably would’ve puked. The fact that my dad watched the whole procedure happen makes him pretty strong. An hour later, the nurse found about an inch and a half more of the toothpick and cleaned it off and showed me. No wonder why I kept limping abound. My dad took the toothpick and kept it in his wallet so he could show everyone. Later that day, I got three stitches; It honestly didn’t hurt at all. Now my foot is perfectly fine. I hope there isn’t any more of the toothpick left. That would be ridiculous.

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