March 3, 2017
By , Lawtons Ny, NY

When you think of a summer get together or picnic I would usually think about ripe and juicy watermelon, sizzling burgers on a grill, and freshly made sweet tea. I would never have thought that on that day, at Isabelle’s family summer picnic, that I would be taking a trip to the emergency room. Earlier on that day everything was perfectly fine, my biggest worry was what to wear and finding my bathing suit. When I arrived at her house I headed right towards the island filled with assorted cheeses, dips, fruits, and crackers for all to enjoy. Personally this was one of my favorite things about those get togethers because I would get to eat whatever and however much I wanted. As the party moved along, Isabelle and I started to fool around, whenever we were little our time would consist of fashion shows, and playing school. Whatever we were doing, we would make a good time of it. We would talk to our imaginary boyfriends, go on adventures through her creek, and play volleyball in the living room, but all of this is besides the point. That one day I personally thought would be like all of the others, a fun adventure of who knows what. As the day continued on, we were dancing in the living room trying to make a dance routine for our summer recreation talent. We would win every year so we had to keep the tradition going. At rec, we started to realize we needed to do something with more of a wow factor. Gymnastics was the solution to our problem. Discovering how flexible all of us were was part of it, and we all learned that I could do a bridge. Evolving from the bridge, I wanted to be able to do a backbend. This was something totally new and scary for me but I eventually did it. I wanted to show off my new talent to everybody at the party so I went for it. As soon as i took off I heard a resounding pop, like a firework go off, with a sudden feeling that could be compared to being hit by a truck. Up and down my arm the rush of dreadful pain. At that point I knew my arm was...broken.

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