Friends Will Be Friends

March 3, 2017
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We popped our heads out of the door and looked down the hall to see if Juan was coming and that was the moment when we knew we were all doomed…

It was late at night when Hurricane Matthew began to hit and we could hear the harsh winds blowing against the windows and the rain pouring onto the decks. As teenage boys we wanted to have fun, which may or may not be the best choice in some situations, and that night we all went out to the cafeteria to gather food for the next day. It was me, my brother, Mike and his brother, Alec, Naz, and the one and only Juan. Again like teenagers we were having fun and over exaggerating about everything so while we were down there juan was standing in line for burgers and fries while me and mike were getting in lines for chips and sandwiches and just filling our draw-string bags full of it. Mike and I had our bags overflowing with goodies and drinks and could not believe how much we had. We started to rush out of there but the crowd was gigantic so that was kind of hard to do but when we finally got through we were on our way to the room. We arrive to the room and empty our bags onto the bed and we started laughing in shock of all the stuff we had. We are sitting there putting it all away as Christian and David are pretty much in wow of all the stuff we had gotten. A few minutes past and Alec walks in with four boxes of pizza and man it smelt so good. We are all sitting there chilling and chowing  on our food and then we just stop. We look at each other and say in freight “where is Juan?...”. We could not believe it, we left him all alone in line in the cafeteria. Mike and I jump up and sprung to the door and into the hall. There we start pulling our Bills ponchos over our heads and then we glance up. That is the moment we seen Juan with his hoodie over his head drenched with rain carrying trays of burgers and fries. We see him approaching so we take our ponchos off and start saying sorry. Juan was not a happy camper at that moment in time. He walked into our room and dropped the trays onto the bed and stormed back out of the room filled with anger in us. We all felt like crap but found it funny, as we were all friends just messing around. We teased him about our “wet burgers” but weren't being serious, and that is where all hell broke loose for the rest of the night and days to come.

We get to the airport getting ready to depart back to buffalo and we are all trying to talk to him but he just would cooperate. He had his dark black shades on so we couldn't tell if he was looking at us or not. We knew he had a sense of humor and found many things funny so we tried to work our magic and test our luck by busting some jokes out. We got him to crack and we were so relieved. We then sat down on the cold, hard, silver seats in the air port and talked it out until we got aboard the aircraft. 

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