And the Journey Had Begun

March 3, 2017
By Anonymous

There is this old creepy road that is well known by many. Only few will make the trip down the horrific road that once was home to a man who is known as “Pig Man”.

Pig Man road is located in Angola, New York and the roads name is actually Holland Road. The road is a narrow and windy road barely able to fit a truck and a small car for two way traffic. It has two, one lane bridges that carry the tracks of the mysterious ghost train that can not be seen or heard until it is right in front of you. I myself have a story about the mysterious ghost train that crossed my path one cold winter night.

It was a frigid January night and I had gone to the movies with my friends to see “The Bye Bye Man”. We already were in the mood for a good scare so we left the movie theater and decided we did not want to end the amazing night we had together so soon(even though we all were together since about noon). It was about 1:30 in the morning and we were in Evans which is right outside the town of Angola. I pulled into a parking spot at a gas station along the way so my friends Nazzir and Tanner could rearrange themselves in the front seat of my pickup truck. Soon enough, we were all buckled in and ready to go. We played one last song as if it were about to be the last time we seen each other. As if the “Pig Man” spirit was about to murder us with his big axe. So, us sixteen and seventeen year old boys jammed out to some song by the artist Pink before shutting the radio off completely. As we approached Cain Road, there is a creepy antiques shop right before the road which is forever embedded into my memory as the creepiest building I have ever laid my eyes on. We make a right hand turn onto Cain Road and another right onto Hardpan Road.

We make the trip down and we all are scared s***less. Nazzir is the only one who has been down the road before and even he is very frightened. I myself did not want to do this. I thought going here was a terrible idea as I hate messing with spirits. I do not need any trouble and the ghostbusters are not around to help me out. So here I am again, falling to peer pressure. I should really get new friends.

We arrive at the intersection of Hardpan Road and Holland Road and we make the left hand turn to go down the street. I click my brights on and the journey had began.

The road gives an eery feeling as it looks like it belongs in a horror movie. The wooded area that surrounds the road is dark and as I drive twenty miles per hour down the sketchy road, I receive the feeling that I am being watched by someone or something from all angles. It was almost as if we all were illucinating and seeing different scary things appear in the woods. Paranoia is a wonderful feeling. We make it to the first tunnel, honk three times, and go through. At that moment, I was sloped down behind the steering wheel like an old man driveing his car. I speed up to only see what looks like a dark abyss ahead of me. It is the second tunnel. The tunnel where apparently Pig Man is supposed to come and kill you with his axe and where a train once went flying off the tracks and killed all the people inside of it. This is where the ghost train is supposed to appear. We open our windows enough to hear the outdoors so we do not fool ourselves about the whole idea of the ghost train. We neither see nor hear a train so we honk three times and pass right on through the tunnel. I speed up once again and we are at the end of the road.

Legend says you are supposed to go through twice and on the second time through, different things will appear. “Sorry guys, call me what you want but I am NOT going back through those tunnels again. Maybe another time.” Names were called but I did not care. I was not scaring myself anymore than I already did.

The things I do under peer pressure…

We had to go down Cain Road to get back home and along the way, we passed the train tracks. The arms were raising and the lights flashing. As we became close I slowed down and stopped right before the tracks. We looked both ways and there was not a train in sight. We rolled down the windows and did not hear the train either.The Ghost Train... I floored it. Pedal to the metal. Not one of us looked back. We did not want to know if anything was there. We were too scared to look. Now, we go back during the day. Rarely do we ever travel the road at night as we are too unsure of what could happen next.

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