My First Loss

March 3, 2017
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Being sixteen, I never experienced the feeling of a loss. I was lucky for a matter of fact that all my grandparents were well and healthy, the only funeral I’ve ever had to attend was my great grandma’s and that was two years ago. Growing up I had a bestfriend, someone that never left my side, he was the best at catching pop fly’s from dad (which is why he got the nick-name “Pup Pujols”) he carried himself with the best grey chin grin and the worst bad breath to go along with it. On March 23, 2016 I experienced the feeling of a loss. I had to say goodbye to a bestfriend of fourteen years, the one thing in my life that I would actually share my food with. We had to make the heartbreaking decision if Blue was going to take his last breath today. Early that morning I was leaving the house and he wasn’t around to say “Good morning” or be frothing over his food. We knew. Blue had back problems for a year, but it was nothing we weren’t willing to deal with, and Blue wasn’t willing to live with. My dad found a partner in Blue, Blue was his, and my dad was Blue’s. Blue loved us all immensely but he had a special love for my dad, their bond was like no other. The day we put him down he took a piece of my dad with him, I never seen someone hurt like my dad did that day and even weeks prior. Even with Blue being a dog, he taught me what a bittersweet feeling it was to love someone so greatly. He was so pure, he made coming home every day/night a little extra special. The difference a dog can make in your life shows their purpose on this earth. They are here to love and to be loved, Blue’s purpose was to make my family a family, and he did that for 15 years.

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