Twinkle Toes

March 3, 2017
By Olivia_16 BRONZE, Abington, Massachusetts
Olivia_16 BRONZE, Abington, Massachusetts
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"Childhood is when you idolize Batman. Adulthood is when you realize the Joker makes more sense."

Ever since I was two, all I wanted to do was dance. I danced around the house, I danced in stores, anywhere I could find space, I danced. So, my mom enrolled me in dance lessons when I was four. I was so happy, and I loved it. I was in with one of the best companies in the world--The Boston Ballet Company. I went to one of their smaller studios in Norwell, because it was closer to home. I was in love with ballet. It was all I did. When I got to be a little older, around 2nd grade, they closed the Norwell studio. So, I started going into Boston. That same year, I was in their performance of The Nutcracker. It was a lot of shows over the course of a little over a month. Though I was so young, it was the best week of my life. I was an angel, and I got to go on stage with fog and a big hoop dress. My hair was slicked back into a tight bun, my crown sparkled, and my smile was bigger than it had ever been. My grandma called me Twinkle Toes, because I had to tiptoe very fast, but in very small steps on stage to create the illusion of floating. I may have been there physically on stage, but in my mind I was flying. I was a real angel, and I was in heaven. I moved like a gazelle, softly and gracefully. I will forever remember the feeling I had on those nights. I only hope I get to experience that feeling again. My feet have since retired, though I danced up until 9th grade. High school was demanding, but so was dance. School was more important, but I still dance every chance I get. I will always be known as Twinkle Toes...well, at least in my heart.

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