My Future as a Scientist

March 1, 2017
By , merrick, NY

I believe that I have a lot of promise as a scientist, mathematician or engineer. I have many different positive qualities and characteristics that would make me good in these different positions. With these qualities I truly believe that I can succeed in any of these fields of work.

First of all I am a very dedicated and hardworking person. When it comes to academics or sports I always like to put in my all and perform to the best of my ability. This could help me because as a scientist you can’t just work on a project or experiment partially and not put everything into it. Whenever I am doing a project I like to put in a lot of effort and make it everything I planned it to be. As well, when I work on a topic I feel that I need to know the topic completely so when preparing a project or a presentation I like to be able to explain it well and be prepared for any questions that are asked. Additionally, I find that I have good aptitude in science research because I just naturally have the need to figure something out once I get involved with it. I feel that having these qualities shows that I have a lot of promise to become a scientist.

In the past I have done things that illustrate my scientific aptitude. I have done some interesting science projects in school that were much more complicated than almost anyone else’s. For example in sixth grade I did my science fair project on testing how much electrolytes were in different types of drinks. I performed the experiment using a Digital Multimeter and was able to test how much electricity passes through different types of drinks, and thus, how much electrolytes they contain.  I found it very interesting as well as a lot of fun, and I got very good grade on it. As well outside of school, whenever I am curious about something, I am willing to look it up and research about it. Every since I was a little kid I would have to read all of the instructions to any new toy or game that I got. This also shows that I have good initiative because I am willing to go online and just research something solely out of curiosity on my own. I am also good at math and science and usually get very good grades in those classes. That would help me be better as a scientist, mathematician or engineer because I will have good background knowledge and easier for me to understand the articles and what they are saying.

With these different qualities and aptitudes that I possess, and my desire to have one of these jobs, I truly believe that I would be able to succeed as either a scientist, mathematician or engineer.

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