My Worst Day Ever

February 26, 2017
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My worst day ever started when I was 4 years old. I was in my house laying with my dog, Jazz, who was a 3 year old black lab. While I was laying with her, I had noticed that she had some lumps in her throat. I was worried about them, but I thought that it was something that would eventually go away and hopefully it wouldn’t give her any pain. But I was wrong. The next day my dad left to go out of town for a business meeting, so it was just my mom, my brother and I at home. I had let Jazz outside to go to the bathroom and then I came back a couple minutes later to check up on her. When I went out to the backyard to get her, she was laying down in the grass and wouldn’t get up when I called her. I started to get really worried because she always came when she was called.  So I went to get my mom to see if she could get her to move. No budge. My mom even tried to pull and lift her to get her to stand up but she didn’t move a muscle. That’s when I went to get my brother to tell him to come out to help my mom pick her up, so that we could put her in the back of the car to take her to the vet.

On the way to the vet, we had called my dad to tell him what has happened to her and that we didn’t know if she was going go to make it. Surely enough, my brother had noticed that her breathing had slowed down. That’s when I started to realize that she wasn’t going to make it. We were at least a minute away from the vet when I looked down to see how Jazz was doing and she wasn’t breathing. Right then she had passed away in my arms in the car. At that moment, I was in tears and could not stop crying. When we finally arrived at the vet, there were veterinarian assistants outside with a gurney waiting for us to come, so they could take Jazz away. We were sitting inside the veterinarian clinic when they had told us that she had throat cancer; which were the lumps in her throat. The lumps had kept growing and growing until they blocked her airway so she couldn’t breathe anymore.

Jazz was a fantastic dog and I loved her so much. After she had passed, we told the veterinarians that we wanted them stamp her paw print onto a stone so that we could have it in memory of her. They did that for us and they also had added a ribbon to the stone so that we could hang it up. Once they had done that, we told them that we wanted her to be cremated so that she will always here with us. That was the worst and saddest day ever. To that day, I miss her every day, but I know that she isn’t suffering anymore and that makes me happy.

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