February 24, 2017
By Anonymous

I was walking to Hayley’s house one day, the air was cool, the clouds were out and so was the sun. It was a perfect day to ride my longboard and hang out with Hayley.

I would ride my longboard down her street but it was bumpy and very rocky so it made it hard for me to ride. She would always ride ahead of me, then I would  have to yell -

“Hayley! Wait up.”
“Hurry up! You’re too slow.” she would reply back.

The other place I would ride it was at Grove Elementary. But there were a billion rocks on the ground that would make my longboard stop all of a sudden and I would jump off before I could hit the hard, concrete ground.

Hayley and I decided to go to Grove to ride our longboards that day. When we got Grove, our friend, Josh, was already there riding his longboard. We also invited three of our other friends, Alanna, Kenzie, and John to come to grove so we could hang out. John had a longboard before so he already knew how to ride one. We got Alanna and Kenzie to ride them, but they had a little trouble since it was their first time.

After like an hour of being there (even though it seemed like forever), Hayley invited them to her house to watch movies and eat pizza, so we all went to her house.

About 3o minutes of being back at Hayley’s house, Josh had to leave. I didn’t want to go home alone, so I was deciding if I should go with him. I had to leave in about 10 minutes, the sun was going down and the sky was gonna get pitch black like charcoal soon. So if I was gonna go with him I had to leave right away because he had already left. It was also a good thing that he lives close to me. I ran to Hayley’s room to grab my sweater and my phone that was charging. I yelled “Bye guys!” as I was leaving Hayley’s house.

They all replied with “Bye Karla!”.
“Josh!” I yelled, “Wait up!” He was riding his longboard, but he hadn’t gone that far. Josh turned around and waited for me. I catched up to him and he said
“Good thing you came with me, I didn’t want to go home alone. I was telling John to go home with me but he didn’t want to” 

We rode our longboards down Hayley’s bumpy and rocky road, which made it impossible to ride a longboard. When we started to get to the road that wasn’t very bumpy and rocky it was much easier for me. When I got to my street, I was going so fast. The road was smooth as the texture of silk, the air was blowing my hair as if I was riding a motorcycle. The wind seemed as if it was speaking to me at that moment, which made it a magical. The sun was going down which made a gorgeous sunset as if it were being painted. The houses seemed as if they were flying by fast. I felt like I wasn’t the one controlling my longboard, it felt as if the longboard had a mind of its own. I was so happy at the moment, I was proud of myself for learning how to ride a longboard.

If I hadn’t gotten back on the first time I fell off, I wouldn’t have experienced this moment. I was scared of getting back on and hurting myself again. But I guess some of the best things you don’t experience if you don’t try again or get too scared. Perfection takes time, how will you get good at something if you don’t try hard enough or get back on. Getting back on was the right thing to do, and it turned out, that longboarding is one of my favorite things to do.

The author's comments:

This is about an expirence I had while I was riding my longboard.

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