The Consequences of Trying to Get an A+

February 22, 2017
By ShereefD BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
ShereefD BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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The hatred I felt towards my teacher after that day was unbearable. Even the thought her makes me aggravated. I felt like she was out to get me.

My mom and dad are the kind of parents who are always strict about grades. They never accepted bad grades. So if I earned low grades, they said that they would not let me go to the Washington D.C trip with my school. In 8th grade the class I struggled with the most was science because this class was harder than the rest of my classes and the teacher always seemed to have mood swings and was always mean to me.

To my utter dismay, one day I found out that I had bombed a science test. Of course this caused my parents to be furious. So to escape my horrible consequences I promised my parents that I would retake the test. In order to do this, my science teacher made me sign a paper with a lot of questions and have one of my parents sign it. My teacher gave me a deadline to get the requirements done in order retake the test. But I had a lot of work from other classes so I answered all of the questions but forgot to have my parents sign it.

I knew that my teacher would not give me extra time so without thinking it over I decided to forge my father’s signature. So I gave the devil the retake form. Satan looked at the paper to see if it was completed and then looked at the signature for about ten seconds and then she looked at me and asked “Is this your father’s signature”?. Out of fear I answered quickly and said yes. She said okay and gave me the date where I would be retaking the test. I felt relieved because I thought that I had gotten away with my crime.

About a week later it was parents teacher conference. My parents thought that parents teacher conference was like life or death. So it was impossible for them to miss it because they wanted to know how I was doing in school and what my teachers thought about me. All of my teachers said that I was focusing and doing a good job in class except the teacher who I despised the most. She started a conversation with my parents by saying that I wasn't getting the worksheets done and that I talked and fooled around in class to much. Then she gave my parents the retake form asking them that if this was one of their signatures to prove that I had committed a crime. My parents said no, so she told them that I had forged one of their signatures. This caused my parents to be outraged.
When my parents came home they started a conversation with me by telling me that most of my teachers had good comments about me. But then they started talking about my science teacher. They first told me that she said that I was not focusing in class and that I talked too much. Then they asked me if I had forged one of their signatures. I said no but they kept on asking so eventually I gave in to the pressure and confessed. They became angry with me because I lied to them so they said that I had to apologize to my teacher and that I might not be going to Washington D.C because of what I had done. I tried to explain to them that the only reason I had committed the crime was because I wanted to improve my grade. But they didn't care. This caused me to become very furious with my teacher because I thought she was the cause to all of my problems. So all of my thoughts about her was hatred.

The next day I went and apologized to my teacher. This was one of the hardest things I had done because right now I hated her guts. My parents later forgave me and let me go to Washington D.C with my school.

The author's comments:

I wrote this personal narative to tell people about a funny memory in 8th grade when I forged my father's signature.

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