Bad News, Good News

February 22, 2017
By michaelr11 BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
michaelr11 BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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A long time ago when i was in 3rd grade we used to have dodge ball fridays in gym class. It was fun we got to hit each other as hard as we could with the dodge balls. Me and my friends were very competitive so we would try to beat each other's team. After the game was over are gym teacher told us to clean up all the balls so i picked up two and put them away and left the rest for everyone else.

After we thought they were clean we lined up to get ready to go to lunch. My teacher randomly yelled who ever cleans up the last ball gets to have some candy from his candy box, me being very hungry ran to get the last ball in the corner of the gym. When i was running to get it i saw my friend that was very competitive so i ran as hard as i could to get this ball. When i got to the corner i bent over to get the ball and i thought i won so he would stop running, but he didn’t he ran right into me when i was bent over and when he bumped me i looked up at the wall.
When i looked at the wall he bumped me so my face hit the cement wall and my eyebrow just split open wide. At the time i didn't realize that my eyebrow split, all i felt was pain so i got really angry and turned around and tries to fight him but he keeps backing up and saying are you ok. After a minute of him running i felt something dripping down my face and onto my eyelid so i stopped and wiped it off just thinking that it was sweat. Then i looked down at my hand and there was a long stream of blood across it, i was scared my heart pumping blood flowing. My friend then helped me to the teacher to show what happened. Every in class was looking at me like i had a booger coming out my nose. My friend felt so bad he asked to take me to the office and the teacher let us so we headed down there. When we got there they made us sit in the office my friend kept saying sorry trying to get me to forgive him. After a while i got over it and forgave him he was so happy it looked like i lifted something off his shoulders. When the nurse came in she asked what happened so we lied and said i fell so she wouldn't get mad at us for playing around. She gave me a butterfly bandage to put on she it would keep bleeding. After we got out of the office me and my freind got to see a big turtle and a snake, and we got to pet the animals and i felt a lot better.

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