They Said the Walk Was Gonna Be Easy...

February 22, 2017
By , ann arbor, MI

I wake up tired but determined. I toss a hat on, throw some shorts, and a light jacket before I take my walk to the grocery store without letting anyone in my family know that I was awake nor that I was leaving I snuck out the backdoor walking as carefully as I could trying to not step on a creaky piece of wood in the house, finally getting out the sliding back door I walk around the house to get to the front getting myself to the sidewalk I start walking. While walking the mile to the grocery store looking up I saw a very gross looking sky kinda giving me the feeling that it’s gonna rain, as I was looking up praying it wasn't gonna rain, Well that was me just praying even the feel of thinking it was gonna rain wasn’t gonna stop me to go to the grocery store to make my mother feel good on her day so i continued to walk , I walked and  As I walked into the grocery stores parking lot it started to rain lightly so knowing it wasn't raining that hard I was ok so i walked inside. I knew when I was walking to this store what I was getting immediately 1.) go to the card aisle and pick out a nice mother's day card 2.) Flowers I went straight over and went and picked out a bouquet of roses and 3.) get a dozen donuts for my family for a mother's day breakfast because you know like who doesn’t like donuts so after I pay for everything I go back outside and look and it's absolutely pouring outside so I took off my jacket and put it over the donuts and the roses and started walking back, it was miserable just awful but 100 % worth it because it’s a present for my mother showing her respect for all she does so as i walk back i keep reminding myself it’s worth it. As I am almost home I see a BMW turning into a street on the same side road that I was on and it kinda looks like my dads car, Oh just wait it is my dad he pressing down the button to open the window only a little bit and yells “come on” and “get in the car Alex”. I slowly walking around the car opening up the passengers car door, while getting in my dad immediately asking me why I was at the store and why I didn’t tell anyone. After I explained everything he thought it was all very sweet and generous of to do so after we drove home it took a couple mins i was explaining to him also why i did even though it was raining I said to my dad “ it doesn't matter if its raining my  mom is worth the walk and worth getting a little wet for” and why I never just asked for someone to give me a ride to a store and I said I didn't ask because this was something i wanted to do by myself,   so as i got home I walking up the brick path walking into the house I unlace my shoes and take my jacket off the roses and the donuts, with the donut box still being soaked, I lay it on the counter and give my mother her cards and roses. She was filled with instant happiness and excitement, she was so happy and pleased with it and the facial expression that she gave me relief knowing that I did good for mother's day.

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