One Regret I Can't Take Back

February 22, 2017
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I knew it was a mistake to give it to her but I did it anyways because that is what good friends do. It was in 8th grade, my friend came up to me right after the bell rang to get out of 5th hour and go to 6th hour but we had a 5 minute passing time to do whatever we wanted. So, she met up with me quickly and she asked me “ Can I please borrow your phone for an hour to keep my snapchat streaks so that they would not end,” because she got her phone taken by her parents. I told her that she could borrow my phone if she gave it back to me after school at the end of the season’s softball party, and she said “ Yes of course I only need it for one hour that’s all.”   So, of course I let my friend borrow my phone for the rest of the hour while I went to french class and she went to orchestra class, because she played the Viola.

We went our separate ways to go to class. After the bell rang I was so ready to get my phone back from my friend because I was so bored during french class because there was a Substitute teacher. So it was time to go meet her outside at the softball field for the party where we ate chips, cookies, fruit, and crackers and we drank juice,water, and pop. We got plate awards which are plates that are decorated as a softball with what each player of the softball team improved on throughout the season and we also played some games that had to do with softball.

When I got to the field she was nowhere to be found, I was a little concerned since I was supposed to meet her at the field right after school. Although, I was a little concerned about it I was not that worried because I just thought she had maybe stayed after school for a class or something like that. About 30 minutes after I arrived , I seen her coming out the doors walking towards the softball field. My eyes opened wide as I saw her walking closer as I was jumping with joy. As she came closer she became more clear in my eyes so I waited till she got about halfway to the softball field, that is when I ran up to her and gave her a hug and then we walked back to the field together.

When we both got to the field, I asked her if I could get my phone back now. As soon as I said that I could see it in her facial expressions and body language that there was something wrong. Then the only words I heard at the moment was “I have something to tell you that is very important.” I was a little nervous about what she had to tell me, then I acted calm so that it wouldn’t seem like I was that worried but, in my head I was really worried what she had to tell me. I then said very calmly “Okay, what do you want to tell me that is so important?” with a shook tone in my voice and that is when she told me she got my phone taken away by a teacher on accident and she was truly sorry. My mouth dropped in shock, because this was not the first time she has gotten my phone taken or the first time I have made the mistake of giving it to her.

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