Ankle to Jump

February 22, 2017
By Anonymous

I was in so much pain from what seemed like a small jump but all I could think about besides the pain was the structure my ankle. I was with my family on vacation, we were on this mountain that was near yellowstone national park and we had a long drive from the house my parents had rented we drove in a rented car my parents got from the airport. When we got there my parents payed admission fees and drove off into the park. When we finally got into the park we drove around for awhile and we drove off into the wrong direction went the wrong way mostly because my parents were trying to use gps on their phones to get us around instead of letting their phones have enough power in case of an emergency. We made a few stops on the way that I wasn’t very  interested in because I didn’t think it was picture worthy. Maybe one or two of the stops the scenery of the mountains looked nice. After all of the stops with me very annoyed that it took so many stops just to get to the middle stop for awhile and during that time I made a very stupid decision. Once we got out the car I saw this small cliff which looked like if you jumped from it you wouldn’t be to hurt by it, along with the small cliff I saw a single mountain in the distance with a flat land right next to it with tree’s that seemed like they were placed randomly within the flat land, wild buffalo sleeping under the tree’s and running from tree to tree as quickly as they could so they could get the shade of the tree. After the quick look of the shocking image I was greeted with as I got outside the car I wandered off so I wouldn’t have to take yet another picture that would not go towards the photo book that my mom would surely make as soon as we got home. I wandered off but I was found by my mom and took a picture then we split up to look around separately, me and my sister went to the top of the small cliff which was able to get to through a small staircase with about 10 stairs. After I looked around for awhile I saw how far of a drop the cliff was it reminded me of how I used to go over to my neighbors house and we would always jump off their deck and pretend we were some type of superhero like IronMan, Spiderman,Batman, or the Hulk. It probably reminded me of that because the distance of the drop looked about the same as that I did jump when I was a little kid. My mom asked me and my sister to get to the car so then I decided on my way down and it was a stupid idea. I jumped from the top of the small cliff down. I realized about halfway down I should have thought of when I did jump from the small cliff that was that I was heavier than I was when I was a kid so my body did not need to absorb so much impact. I landed on my feet I expecting to hear a crack when I landed. Instead I felt nothing and heard nothing that sounded bad, that was until five seconds later when I took my next step, I stumbled forward from the pain of my right ankle and caught myself with my left foot and hobbled over to the rock wall that was near the place I had landed, I sat down thinking that I had broken my right ankle. My mom came over to me and asked why I jumped from that height. I answered with what I had thought previously before I jumped. Then I was helped into the car. We drove straight to the rented house with a stop for dinner. The next day I sat on the couch watching the older Hobbit movie’s.

The author's comments:

This peice was based off of a familt trip I had awhile back where I basically ruined the end of the vacation through one stupid decision

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