A Wonderful Surprise

February 22, 2017
By shiheim BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
shiheim BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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On a random day me, my mom, and my little brothers were sitting down in the living room watching house hunters. As we were watching tv i asked my mom could she buy me these nike joggers and a nike shirt that i really wanted from the mall, she told me no. After she said no she had this big discussion about how she always buys people stuff and nobody buys her nothing in return. After a while i wasn’t even paying attention to what she was saying because i was kind of mad. I went to my room and slammed my door, i put a pillow on my face for like 10 minutes i had to cool down.

After a while i cooled down and started listening to music. I thought of something i could do for my mom since she says nobody ever gets her anything. The thing is that i needed money to get her something, right after i said that my dad texted me saying i put money on your card. Immediately i went to the store to get money off my card because i like having cash in my pocket. When i got home my mom asked me where i went, i said to the store, she said with what money, i said the money my dad put on the card. I asked my mom could she take me to the store she said yeah, after i finish feeding your brother, After about 5 minutes she took me meijer the on on carpenter. I went in and got some snacks, my mom stayed in the car. I came back to the car and opened the door and immediately i asked her did she want to go to ihop the one right next to meijers.

Soon as i said that she asked me if i was going to pay for it with the straightest face i’ve ever saw, i said yes. Her face brightened up, so we went to meijer it was like literally a one minute car ride. We went in there and sat down waiting for our table silently. It was packed that day it took them forever to get us to a table for only two people. Finally after like 10 minutes we got our table. We ordered our food while we were waiting for our food we had a long conversation. My mom asked me what made me do this i said i did it because you said nobody ever gets you anything, so i had to do something for you because you’re always getting me something. Our food finally came we were so hungry, so we ate our food and we went home.

On our way home we listened to music i actually remember what artist we listened to it was rihanna and drake. When we got home my mom my mom was talking to my step dad about how i surprised her and took her to ihop for lunch. I felt good inside it feels good making people happy especially your parents.

The next day my mom asked me if i wanted to go to the mall with her so she can go get something.  So we were going to the mall and she went to claire’s. After she was done with claire’s she walked down by Von Maur. I had to use the bathroom so when i came out i didn’t know where my mom was so i sat down. She came out of Villa the store that had the nike joggers and nike shirt i wanted. She gave the bag to me i looked in it and it had what i had wanted in it. She surprised me because she told me she wasn’t getting them, i was to grateful. At the end of the day i’ve learned if you get somebody something they will most likely get you something.

The author's comments:

This is a story about how i did something nice for my mom and she didn't expect it

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