February 22, 2017
By Anonymous

Ready to play but not ready to watch. First practice of summer league playing on a jv basketball team playing against high school basketball players. But i'm just a walk on. I came to Huron High School ready to show every coach what I am about and just because i'm a freshman that doesn't mean that I can't take someone's spot. Being a second string point guard wasn't my thing but I had to really just deal with it because the coaches really just went on with the 10th graders but not really looked at the incoming freshmans. This was the hardest practice I could have experienced i've never ran that much in my life but that's what high school basketball is all about. But it was two coaches who really liked my game they told me all I  have to do is keep working and I will have the starting position that coming up winter season.


I was ready to come out and be that leader of the team and show the coaches that I am the point guard that they can trust. My first summer league game wasn't to bad was I nervous? Yea but was I scared? No. I was ready to play but I knew that I wasn't going to get that much playing time because it was the first game and i was a freshman but I played and I did ok in my opinion although i would've did better. Me just waiting on the bench ready for the coach to call my name I was eager to just touch the ball. Every game me just telling myself just saying Ira this is it this is your time to proof to every coach that you are the best player that they have and that you can lead the team to victory. I didn't really lead us to victory but I sure did went out there and played every  game like it was my last. And that was the promise I gave to myself that summer.

The beginning of the winter basketball season Coach Mo and Coach E told me that I was the starting point guard I was happy but I didn't let that get in my head so I didn't mess up in some kind of way. One day at practice the whole was going through our plays so Coach E called out the first group which that was the group I was in so I went out on the court and picked up the ball we went through some plays but it was this one play that I didn't know. I messed up which I had doing then I got mad at myself then I told someone else to come run point guard then Coach E got mad at me  I was that Point guard of the team and the leader. So he called up the second string point guard and said to me since you don't wanna play point guard you just got your spot taken away! I was very mad at coach but really I knew that I should've just been mad at myself because I just but my spot in the garbage. I was mad for like a week because I put in a lot of work to get that spot and keep it as but but I didn't.

Ever since then i was working very hard in every practice to get it back but i've still haven't got it back. But he comes up to me like every practice and says Ira you still got that spot but you just have to want to take it. I know I still have it but i've still haven't started a game yet. Im still made but I know what i have to do to get my position back. Its have been like six games into the season and i'm still not the starting point guard but every coach knows that I am capable of being a starter. Why can't I be that starter?

The author's comments:

It's about when I experienced my first highschool basketball summer league game.

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