A Somewhat Rational Fear of a Very Large Person

February 22, 2017
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Wood chips flew into the air, my feet pushing me to safety. The day was relatively normal, I got to school on time and went to class. We didn’t do anything special or memorable, just regular school things. Then It came to lunchtime, my school had two lunches one for the younger kids and one for the older. I am a fourth grade so of course I had the older lunch time. We had a new game we would play called zombie tag. This game was simple, it was basically tag but once your tagged, your allways it so as the game went on there became more and more ”zombies”. You won by making it to the end of lunch without being tagged. Most of the boys played this game so there could get up to be thirty kids or so. Angell isn’t a very large school.

So the game was afoot but I showed up a couple minutes late. The first person it was already chosen. I ran over to my friend Axel. He was the same hight as me which wasn't very tall and a similar build. He would probably look just like me if not for his bright blonde hair and sparse freckles . He was standing by the tetherball pole out in the front of school. Now this school had a big front lawn and the tetherball pole, was off to the right so it was out of the way. I ask him who was it, but he didn’t know the kids name he just saw him get picked. “So what did he looked like?” I asked rather impatiently for I didn’t want some random kid to run up and tag me before I new what was going on. “Well he was a fifth grade I think, tall and large” Axle said. Not the best description but there weren't many tall kids at Angell. We were now looking out at the large open lawn for any sign of anyone.

At that moment a shadow was cast over us. Without looking I could tell someone was behind us. A sense of dread filled me for I knew this shadow was cast by someone like Axle had described. We were a lot alike Axle and I, so when we turned our heads to see who was behind us we did it, in unison. This is when the line of reality and cartoons was crossed. I looked up at this kid, his face cast in shadow, the sun directly behind him. His stature and bulk made him giant compared to me. He spoke in a deep voice but I was not listing. I knew he was it, and I don’t want to get tagged. My body was no full of fear both rational and irrational. I was not a fast runner but that didn’t stop me. I shot off, my leg muscles working at full power. My foot hit the wood chips then the grass. I didn’t look back to see if he was following, nor did I care. Axle who is normally faster than me was right beside me, him running at his one hundred percent me running at one hundred and ten. We bounded past the flagpole but it all is just a blurr. I stopped now at the large rock on the other side of school. My lungs heaved sweat forming on my brow. I craned my head back in fear but no one was there.  

I looked to Axle how was no panting like I was, and we just started to lose it. My lungs are overloaded from running and laughter. We laughed at how we just overexert ourselves and for nothing. And how we didn’t notice the giant kid we were looking for until he was right behind us. I saw us as cartoon character like that of scooby doo who is oblivious of the monster until it’s right behind him. Then he leaps into the air and run away. Then we stopped and once again became aware of our surroundings. Backing into the game we ran with this moment only in our heads at that of our woodby pursuer who I never saw again.

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