The Last Day of School

February 22, 2017
By , Superior Township, MI

I quickly stepped back, and suddenly felt something hit my head. Blood started coming out. Josh, the person behind me was holding their mouth in pain because I had just hit his teeth. The basketball game stopped. Everybody was asking us what happened. We were taken to the nurse’s office immediately.

The sun is shining and the sky is clear. It is another normal school day. Nobody pays attention to the teacher like usual. The teacher drones on about math and other random things. A few minutes later the teacher lines us up for recess. She required us to form straight lines which we almost never did. We all wait restlessly for the recess bell to ring. When it does, we all rush out like we’re released from jail and given freedom. We form teams for basketball and started playing.

We all run around without strategy, trying to get the ball and make it in the basket. We didn’t play with fouls and we could chuck the ball at another person's feet so it would touch them before it goes out of bounds. We were like ants scurrying around on the court.  I was near the basket and someone on the opposing team shoots and misses. It flies straight towards me like a bullet. I step back quickly and felt something hit my head, I miss the ball and it bounces off the court. I hold my head and clench my teeth, trying not to cry. I move my hand slowly over my head to feel if anything bad happened to it. Blood started coming out of my head. I turn around slowly to see what I had hit my head on. I see my friend Josh with his hands over his mouth. I realize with horror that I had hit my head on his teeth. Our friends stop the games and walk to us, asking us what happened, and if we were ok. My friend Ethan was fretting over the injury like it was life threatening, he kept on talking and talking. We walked slowly, with our friends asking us constantly if we were fine, to the nurse's office. I sat there in the nurse’s office for what felt like forever. I sat there quietly and thought about what would happen if the injury was serious. I imagined all the scenarios that could happen, and I thought about how great it would be if i didn’t have to go to school any more.

The other person chipped their teeth and was able to go to school after a few days. I had a few cuts in my head that weren’t very serious and required a few stitches. My dad wanted to save money and didn’t take me to get stitches because he didn’t think its was that bad. And as a result the wound took longer than normal to heal. My fantasy became real and I didn’t have to go to school for the rest of the school year. My parents feared that I would get another injury or worsen the one I already had from playing too rough at recess so they kept me home for the rest of the school year.

Later I went the school for only half a day later to gather my stuff from my desk and to see my friends again. I wasn’t allowed to swim  for a few months and wasn’t able to run around for a few weeks. I was kept at home like a hospital patient and not allowed to go outside. I would have preferred to not have the injury so I could have freedom outside.

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