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February 22, 2017
By Anonymous

“I knew I shouldn’t have left,” I said very angered. “If I wouldn’t have left, this would have never happened”. I was panicking! Ii didn’t know what to think, do, or say other than ‘It’s all my fault’. Just looking at her made me feel so guilty of everything.

“Shyia No! I Said No,” said my mother one Saturday morning. I sat and wondered for a minute, why is she so upset? Why does she act like this when I bring him up?  “Mom whyyy? I want to see my sisteR said. “Fine but you call me every chance you get” she said. “Thank you, i’m about to go pack”

My mom body alway burned with fury, every time i ask to  going over my dad’s house, just for the simple fact that he’s never there to watch me grow up. But I like it better over there, I actually love it over there. Especially his girlfriend, chalanda omg she is literally like my bestfriend, i call her more than i call my school friends. We talk about everything (mainly my dad).

One day, my dad had took me and my sisters shopping and for groceries for the house. After we got home, me and my sister got hungry. She asked me to cook for her. Well me being me, as lazy as i am i told her no, make your own. Not really thinking she was going to actually try. She got mad and left, went to her room.

  I turned on my phone and saw i had gotten a text from my dad “Shyia i went to take chalanda to work” I texted back “ okay “ and went about my business. Forgetting that my sister told me she was hungry, i made myself a sandwich. That literally was the best sandwich i had ever ate.

After I ate, I went to my sister's room to go mess with her, like i usually do when im bored. She gets so mad. I remember one time, i took her ipad and ran upstairs. I stood at the top looking down at her, i could see the fury in her eyes. She chased me all around the house, and finally caught me, that little girl tackled me onto the couch. She maybe seven but she is really strong. She take that from me.

I went outside to do Dubsmashing, like usual to do dances and stuff. I loved to dance, and still do. 10 min passed and i didn’t here my sister, yelling at her dolls or yelling at the tv. That was very unusual, she’s always screaming. Another 10 mins past, still didnt hear her. When I heard the fire alarm go off, i didn't pay any attention to it. Our fire alarm goes off all the time.

After 5 minutes…It was still going so i walked into the house, i stood there frozen like an icicle. My mouth dropped wide open. When I saw smoke everywhere i didn’t know what to do or say. Only thing that ran threw my head was

‘It’s all my fault”. I would only blame myself, she was seven she didn’t know any better. I knew that if my dad saw this, i would be the one getting in trouble. Not her! Well that's kinda unfair, if your think about it.  I am just staring at her thinking in my head, “should i smack your now or later”

My sister was in the corner crying saying “i'm sorry”, but i know i can’t blame her….. She's seven.

I calmed her down, then washed the pot out. The house still smelled like burnt food, how can i fix this?
As i'm standing there, Heart racing faster than a cheetah. My phone rings. It felt like my heart dropped, It was my dad.

“Shyia come outside, in 5 min”

Now my heart is in the bottom of my feet. I’m running around the house trying to find something to fix the smell. To top it all i started to smell gas. Being so worried, having so many thing run through my head. I didn’t even know the stove was still on

I turned off the stove…Next thing you know

My dad pulled up, came inside, and….. I run outside so i dont have to hear what he had to say about the smell.
I grabbed all the bags at once. Like ususal, i walked in, suprised that i didnt smell the burnt food anymore. I looked at my dad and he started laughing. I didnt understnd what he was laughing at, but i started to laugh too. Well fake laugh. I really didnt know what waws so funny. He looked at me and asked “Shyia all your had to do was spray freebrez”. I ran to my room, mad as a bull with a red flag infront of his face. I idnt relally know why i was mad. I just was. Everyone thought it was funny. I was panicking i didnt know what to do, well also i'm a child. I cant think straight when im freaking out.

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