My Panicked

February 22, 2017
By , Ypsilanti, MI

Everyone is screaming, my lungs burst as much as it possibly can, everything is moving quickly and my panicked wait has came upon me. I can’t see straight and I can’t stop letting out what’s in my lungs with all the outrage. My breathing is rising as if I’ve been holding my breath in water. It feels that if I’m never going to stop. My bursting of loudness continues. I’m calling for my father and it feels that he’s not around. He’s not answering my calls. Then everything turns around.

It’s eight o’clock, my teeth lock and my heart beats quicker and quicker, and suddenly, I snap. My thoughts have ran away and the realization of my father calling me has came to me for it is time to leave. The car ride was taking longer than I have expected. For the hours of wait, I sit with wonder in how I shall go through my time in collapse. I don’t know if I’m excited, petrified, or both. All I know, is that my time is lying in wait for me.

It’s ten o’clock and the wheels are still turning and the engine is hauling. My head pounds like a boxer is throwing punches at me. In my head, I’m yearning for assistance. I’m imagining myself going through what I’m about to go through and in my mind, it’s ruthless. My worst nightmare is unraveling, Michigan Adventures
For me being intimidated by this park is because their death defying roller coaster……..the Thunder Hawk. This roller coaster is more of a Cedar Point ride, but for me it’s a let’s fall off a cliff ride. It’s not big from its width, but its height is massive. The ride goes at an outstanding 90 miles per hour and this is probably why I’m breathing really fast. Maybe my body wants me to feel like this so I don’t embarrass myself as I go to the ride. Especially in front of the people waiting for their turn on the intimidating Thunder Hawk. Before I enter the amusement park, I probably should think about the outcome of me riding the Thunder Hawk. Now that I think about it, I probably shouldn’t so I don’t start panicking.

As I’m entering the amusement park, I can already see the line for the Thunder Hawk. My dad buys fast passes so we can ride it right away. As I’m walking toward the ride, I get the butterflies and my heart is beating faster like a race car getting ready for the race. My breathing is becoming faster and faster by the second. I’m here. I’m not trying to prove something to someone. I’m buckling up for my ride to my doom and I want to let all the air from my lungs right now. The people are counting down, three, two, one, we’re zooming. I can’t feel my face or my hands. I rage with my lungs as a fire breathing dragon. I’m shouting out for the safety from my father, but no answer. I’m planning for this ride to actually stops and as quickly, it stops.

I don’t know why I was extremely terrified. This is the most fun ride I have rode in my life. My mind is out of focus and it cliches just as my jaw does when I’m angry. Why was I freaking out for this one ride? Honestly, I did release my lungs with air that a rarely let out, but in some way it meant I was having fun. I want to go again. I went on it 4 more times, I’m not scared, but I’m excited and butterflies are jerking from each side of my stomach. I realize that I have to experience something before I form an opinion about it.

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