Trip to Indiana Part I

February 19, 2017

I was up at 6am and I was very excited.I woke up my little brother and he said

‘’Heam wet me sweep’’

          I said

           ‘’Nolan ready to go to Indiana?’’

              My mom said

            ‘’Nolan get up, get dressed, and brush your teeth’’

             I followed what she wanted my eyes forcing me to go to sleep

             After that I handed my Ipod to my mom.We got into the car and drove to the airport.We got to the airport at 7am.I woke up my little brother because he was so tired.He told me

I said excitedly

‘’Yes Nolan I see the train’’
We got out of the car and got our bags and the cool breeze blew across my face it felt very nice.We got on to the monorail my brother’s face lit up in excitement.He said

‘’All aboard’’

The train made me shake and I stood up holding on to a bar and my brother said
‘’ here we go chugga chugga woo woo’’
We were on the train for 10min.We got on to the plane.My little brother singing Little Enstines.We took off my head pulled back on the seat.After we landed it was pouring and we got on the shuttle which took for ever.We got a rental car.Later the pouring rain stopped.When we got to my grandpa’s sister’s house we got unpacked.The next day my cousins Eli and Wade came.My Brother said

‘’Eawy WADE’’

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