My Favorite Vista from Rhode Island

February 9, 2017
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My favorite vista from Aquidneck Island is one that not many people would know about. It comes from a hidden spot. This spot is in the area of the Purgatory Chasm by Second Beach, which many do know about. But, to be more specific, it’s in the Purgatory Chasm, sitting on a lip that overlooks the chasm just underneath the public bridge. This spot isn’t just particular to me, however. I share it with my best friend. We discovered the spot a few summer adventures ago. The view is always different from our spot, and I love this. The weather plays a big part in the view. On a clear day, you can see the mossy rocks that are just underneath the surface of the water, with periwinkles hugging their curves. One time, I remember I saw a fish – weaving though the water with the movements of a belly dancer. Often, voices will bounce around the chasm from people jumping off the rocks on the outside of the chasm. On a rougher day, the water foams and spits, spraying your feet. On these days, my friend and I are more alone in the chasm. The water and our whispers are the only sounds to be heard. But, it’s okay, because the feel in the chasm is more relaxing. I think, no matter my age, I will always try to come back to this spot. The view: sometimes exciting, sometimes soothing, is like no other.

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