Last Year

February 8, 2017

I miss everything about last year. I miss the friends, the sports, the school and even its teachers. I miss being a freshman in high school, being new to the whole concept. It was only a year ago but it seems like so long already. This school year is so much different than not only last year, but even years before. But it’s not just school, it’s also the boys and even the girls and drama that comes with it. I cannot even begin to try and explain everything that has happened in this school year that is so much different from last year. Last school year, my friends and I, as long as most of the rest of the freshman class tried to keep mostly to ourselves, obviously because we were freshmen and we were too afraid to even look at upperclassmen, rather than to let them know who we were. So we just sort of minded our own business and stayed away from the whole “high school drama” sort of thing. But it seems like this year all of a sudden we aren’t freshmen anymore and all hell breaks loose. But it’s not even just that, it’s also the fact that now that we’re sophomores in high school, our teachers expect so much from us and sometimes it gets to be a little much, and by that I mean it’s ridiculous. My work load compared to last year is unbelievably extraneous. The classes are more challenging, the teachers are more strict, the work is just more in general. I miss being able to come home after school and relax for awhile before having to start on my homework. But now that I have such a huge workload, I have no time to waste and I have to start on my homework as soon as I get home and I still sometimes don’t even get it done. Freshman year was one of the most fun and exciting years of my life so far, even though it didn’t seem that way at the time. Looking back on it now, I seriously wish I could go back and relive all of the memories that year. This year is so much more stressful and painful than last year was and I just can’t wait to see what next year has in store for me.

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