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February 7, 2017
By , Hemet, CA

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. To me I never really understood that until the people in my pictures were gone. 2016 really showed me that. It started in April my grandpa went to the hospital for what the doctors said was going to be an easy surgery, but clearly something went wrong. I saw him before the surgery he was all hooked up to the machines and you kept hearing that annoying beeping sound showing that he was breathing through it all he was all laughs and telling me how he can't wait for our summer trip to Hawaii. When it was time to leave I gave him a big hug and told him I loved him he said he loved me too and kissed me on my cheek and said he would see me later. When I step foot out the room I didn't know that would have been my last conversation with him. On April 16th, 2016 we went to go visit him at the hospital.When we got to his room he wasn't there we asked the nurse where he went and she said he was in ICU. I was very confused. As we got in the elevator to go to ICU a million thoughts were running through my head. It had felt like the longest elevator ride as I stepped out I took a huge gulp. When we got to the waiting room of ICU my aunt was sitting in there. We had asked what happened, but she didn't give much answers. My grandma came out and told us that he had aspirated in his sleep and they were helping him. I didn't really understand. My grandma took my dad back to see him and I patiently waited for it to be my turn.When they got back I stood up and my grandma looked and told me I didn't want to see what was happening, but my mom told her how much I did want to go. So we walked down this hallway that felt like it went on forever. When we got to his room I stood at the doorway and their I saw my grandpa hooked up to even more machines with his eyes closed. Moments after he began to shake and a bunch of people went running in his room. My mom took me and my sister back to the waiting room. I had tears rushing down my face. My mom said that he was going to be okay. My grandma said for us to go and that everything was going to be okay. A couple hours later we got a called that he was doing bad and that basically the only thing keeping him alive is the machines. We rushed back to the hospital when we got there my grandma said that me and my siblings shouldn't see him, but we told her we wanted to. Walking into the room I didn't know what to do. I went over to the side of his bed and held his hand. My aunt said he could still hear. So I told him how much I loved him and how much he meant to me. Tears were coming down my face like a waterfall. Once everyone was there my grandma told them it was okay for them to turn the machines off. When they turned them off it was a extremely draining process just sitting there watching the numbers drop and that same beeping sound that earlier I thought was annoying, but at that time I didn't want to stop hearing. Once all the numbers went to zero the beeping sound went from beeping to just one long beep. I broke down to even more tears and just couldn't believe that someone so healthy and strong was gone. It didn't feel real. When I got home I cried myself to sleep and kept saying this isn't real. Two days later it really sunk in that I would have anymore talks with him  and he wouldn't be at his house waiting for me to come or wouldn't be on anymore trips with me. It was the worst feeling I had ever felt I lost one of my role models and someone I looked up to. That feeling really sucked and I didn't want to feel that way for a very long time. November 12th, 2016 I felt that horrible feeling again when I lost my Best Friend, my inspiration, and a huge role model. I lost my great grandpa on November 12th. He was such a great person to be around someone who would always make your day. And through everything he had been through he was still such an amazing spirit. The week leading up to the day he died I was with him everyday. And we would talk and he would smile at things you would say and respond. The day before he past I had a small conversation with him which is a conversation I will cherish for the rest of my life. I had told him I loved him so much and he told me the same as he held my hand. After that he stopped talking. That night my family stayed at my grandmas and we all piled in his room singing his favorite songs and talking about all our memories with him. We all hardly slept that night as the night consisted of checking if he was still breathing. The next morning around 10 or 11 he took his last breath.I just started balling I didn't know why again why I was going through this again. I kept saying this is a bad dream it's not real. When the man came to pick up his body I went in and grabbed his hand and said I loved him so much and that I know he'll still be with me. My family stood outside as the white van with my great grandpa in the back drove off. That feeling I felt in the beginning of the year when my grandpa past was back. I cried and cried thinking how and why. As I was sitting on my bed going through my phone just looking at all my pictures with these two very amazing men reliving in my head what was going on when that picture was taken made me realize how important a picture really is. Although I won't see them everyday I will always have the pictures that have a memory of them that  I can look at and relive all the laughs, stories, jokes, and so much more all over in my head. I now know a picture really is worth a thousand words.

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