Skin Deep

February 7, 2017

We live in a world where everything is skin deep, where they only look for the color of your skin before they can see what's on the inside. One brain, one heart, two lungs, two-hundred and six bones, and over 85 billion nerves, and hundreds of other things but most importantly we have one personality.

We live in a world that makes opinions and judges people based on the biased words of people who could care less whether or not you eat at night, or if you even have a home to go to, they only care about the money you are putting in their pockets. They don't care about the lives they could potentially ruin because how much their hateful words can poison somebody mind and influence them to do something they wouldn't.

We live in a world that tries so hard to discredit somebody by the way they look.  No I don't smoke everyday, yes I do know my dad, no I am not failing every single one of my classes. Ignorant people only look at my color not knowing anything about me they don't know that I am a cheerleader, honors student, a daughter, granddaughter, cousin, friend but most wouldn't know that cause they only look at what’s Skin Deep.

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