First Day Jitters

February 3, 2017
By mellie0919 BRONZE, Valley Stream, New York
mellie0919 BRONZE, Valley Stream, New York
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The minute the first box labeled "Melissa's Clothes" set foot into my soon-to-be room I knew this was happening. This was when everything was going to change. In my mind, thousands upon thousands of thoughts marched into my head. "This is it",  they said. A new life begins, a new house,  neighborhood, and people. Scariest of all, new school. That summer we moved, I applied for school. To become familiar within the school environment, I was invited to the 7th grade orientation. I thought "7th grade!? I'm so short they might actually think I'm a 7th grader not a 9th!" Being judged, my worst fear, slowly began to creep up on me "What if they point and laugh? What if I wear something that isn't in style?" The thoughts build up swirls of anxiety. Moving was something I never experienced in my lifetime, but going to a new school was definitely something not new. I decided that maybe I was overthinking everything. Looking around my empty room, I thought of all the friends I made and have such a great connection with. "I made them at a new school, so I should be fine right? I moved from elementary to middle school and passed through it right?" The days went by quickly leading up to the orientation day. The sound of my alarm felt like pounding hammers to my ears. I quickly slipped on a polo shirts and jeans. I gained sweaty palms and I had a terrible headache. Before racing through the door, I still remember the calming words of my mother, "Remember Mel, to always be yourself. It's a very important key to opening your beautiful success in life." To build my confidence, I reminded myself of the calming words of my mother. "Good morning students! Hope your summer vacation has been going well! Lets get right into it!" From hearing that message, that is supposed to be calming, I tried to tell myself everything is going to be ok. After an hour of hearing about classes and rules, I began to feel more stressed than I already was. I felt very unsure about starting the 2016-2017 school year. As time fly's by like the birds in the sky I began to grow more confidence within myself. The first day of school came around , and I was prepared to tackle it. Walking past unfamiliar faces, my stomach went into knots again. I arrived at my locker and fiddled with the lock a few times. Struggling to open the locker, a girl approached me with the brightest of smiles and asked "You need some help there?" In a sense of relief, I looked at her, "Of Course!" Smile after smile, being accepted into this school wasn’t so bad after all. From that day on, I knew everything was going to be ok!

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