Memory Is Imagination

January 29, 2017
By forgettingtohuman SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
forgettingtohuman SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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I remember when I finally learned how to spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious after weeks of my dad taunting me. He'd give me words to spell and they would usually be easy for me, because I was a little know-it-all. My dad would troll me with that word and that would motivate me to spell it correctly. One day when he asked me how to spell it, I recited it perfectly and he was shocked. That day was when I got 10 dollars. I was the only kid in my 1st grade class who knew how to spell it, I claimed it as MY word.

I also remember this stupid girl Martha, who'd always steal my food. I remember losing student of the month to her. Martha was the first person I've hated, like ever. So one day at the sandbox during freetime I was building a little castle and of course here comes Martha trying to outbuild me as always. Then she calls me a poopyhead, so i took two handfuls of sand and poured it onto her head. At the end, I got in trouble, I mean if anything she should've been in trouble, she provoked me.

I remember she popped my necklace and stole my rug spot. I wanted to sit on Antartica because that was the place to be on the rug. Thinking about it now, all of those problems are childish to me. Now I have bigger Marthas to deal with in life.

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