School: Not Just a Builiding but a Place that Gives Us So Many Memories

November 27, 2016
By Anonymous

Time passes by so quickly that you don't even come to know that how first year of school changes to last year of school. It's kind of upsetting to realize that you won't be able to meet your friends again,  how you won't be able to sit on your desk, or open your lockers and how the teachers won't be there. It's like it's finally time for us to leave our school and friends and just carry on with the beautiful memories of school and just move on our paths to find ourselves. We will all make new friends and we will meet new people but our school frineds will always remain in our heart. But amidst all this school gives us a beautfiul memory that we all will cherish. The beautiful moments spent wih our friends can never be forgotten. All the punishments, talking and walking in corridors, and even our teachers who shape us into the responsible citizens of today - seem like simple things but are so meaningful to us now. So, now filled with all the memories of school we can step into our journey of life. But we can never forget what our school provided us with.

The author's comments:

This beautful article was inspired by my teachers, my family and my parents. Writing is all about what you feel. It should be from within your heart and not just like that.

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