The Streets of Istanbul

November 16, 2016
By , bloomfield hills, MI

The moment I saw Istanbul from my seat in the plane had me amazed; from the trees to all the colors, unique rooftops, and beautiful mosques. Istanbul has beautiful sights that make one relaxed and happy. The sun that rises in morning gives a golden spark to the city. Stunning attractions, delicious food that makes you just want more, and friendly people could all be found on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey.  If I had to put my experiences in Istanbul, Turkey into one word I couldn't because there is too much to describe. But I will illustrate what I experienced in Istanbul, Turkey.

All I viewed on the streets of Istanbul were delicious ice cream and shawarma stands whose aromas filled up the streets and attracted customers. Wherever I went I always caught glimpses of the bright blue Bosphorus river, that divided the European and Asian sides of Istanbul. The European side is where tourists come from all around the world to experience the major attractions of Istanbul.  The Asian side still has some major tourist spots but it mostly consisted of neighborhoods with tall buildings and red rooftops. When you walk on the streets of Istanbul you don't know where to look, from the food to the ice cream stands, and the boutiques filled with gorgeous clothing. The most amazing experience I had was when I was on the rooftop of a tall building that was overlooking all of Istanbul. This had me speechless. I didn't know what to look at first. There was the Galata tower, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, and Aya Sofiya. Remembering visiting these places before had me thinking that if I had to choose where to live I would choose Istanbul, Turkey.

When I landed in Istanbul I couldn't imagine that after all these years I would be standing in a place where I have dreamed of visiting my entire life.

I told my mom, “Thanks for letting my dream come true.”

“Anytime.” my mom said.

And that made me realize how grateful  I was that I was with my whole family. The feeling I had was just so amazing to the point where I myself cannot explain. Anyways after we settled in the hotel we finally went out and explored. It was so exciting even though we didn't understand the language and got lost many times. We still made it through with good food, lots of shopping, learning new words and experiencing life in Istanbul.

In the end it was just an experience to relive in my head and remember forever. And I will always remember this three week vacation in the most beautiful place on the planet. I will even talk about it to my future children. I will also always cherish the souvenirs I brought back with me from Istanbul. I also learned a lesson in this trip is that dreams do come true. And I will never forget that it was the most amazing experience in my life that I experienced with my family and the cutest one year old nephew anyone could ask for, especially that it was his first vacation in the best place in the world Istanbul, Turkey!

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