Chipped Tooth

November 13, 2016

It all started when Morgan and I were born. Nonstop fighting since the first minute we were together. In our house, all you could hear was screaming and crying. It was a cycle, just like the water cycle, it just never stopped. My sister always told me that the best few minutes of her life was when I wasn’t born yet but I always knew she was kidding. When we didn’t get along our parents would hear us and we would get screamed at and we would be put in our rooms. This would make us a lot madder at each other and we would give each other the silent treatment. The house would go from chaos to dead silent. You could hear a pin drop.

One day when we were about ten years old, Morgan and I were going to take a bath after we were sweating bullets from running outside, playing with our neighbors. We came in the house panting with grass stains all over our clothes. That’s when my dad knew it was time for us to take a bath to get clean and get rid of the stinky smell. This was a rare day because all day long we had not been fighting. We hopped into the warm bubbly bath almost overflowing with water. Toys filled the bath, so we barely had enough room for the two of us to fit in. Squished into the bathtub, we started playing with the toys. Out of nowhere, Morgan stuck her head under the heaping pile of bubbles and under the water to be funny and pretend that she was drowning. I had no idea why she did that but my first instinct was to save her. It felt like she had been underwater for five minutes so I stuck my hands underwater and found her head and lifted it above the water. I wanted to be the superhero but I pushed her head too hard and it smacked right against the bathtub. I heard a crack and then nonstop crying. Tears were filling the bathtub, dropping every second. Out of the corner of my eye I looked into her mouth and I saw her front two teeth were chipped, she looked like a vampire. Blood was dripping everywhere making the water in the bathtub turn a light red. She climbed out of the bathtub making puddles of blood and leaving a trail everywhere she walked making our bathroom look like a crime scene. My dad soon realized that something had happened. He came sprinting up the stairs like a gazelle. It didn’t take long for him to notice her two chipped teeth and the now dried blood all over her chin. It only took a little longer for the house to get more chaotic when I start crying because I soon realized that I was going to get in trouble for hurting Morgan even though I was trying to help her like a nice sister. After Morgan dried off, she put on some clothes. My dad asked both of us what had happened. I was almost peeing my pants because I was so scared she was going to rat me out. I ended up behind my dad so he could not see what I was doing. Behind his back, tears were still rolling down my face and I was begging her not to rat me out and I was telling her I would do anything for her. She opened her mouth and told my dad that she was getting out of the bathtub and she fell when she was trying to get out. My heart almost stopped pounding because I was in shock that she didn’t rat me out. Taking deep breaths, I knew I was going to have to pay her back big time because she just saved my butt. My dad left in shock and went into his room to go call the dentist. He dialed the number and we heard his muffled voice telling the dentist the crazy story that had just happened. He came out into the hallway where I was trying to comfort Morgan and he told Morgan that he booked an appointment later that day. He started walking down the stairs and stopped half way and told us to be careful. He went back downstairs and we went in the bathtub and somehow we found the two chipped teeth lying around the drain. We had no idea how they didn’t go down the drain but we picked them up and put them in a plastic bag. We cleaned up the bathroom and made it look shiny clean so my dad wouldn’t be so mad at us.  We learned never to fool around in the bathtub.

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