Half Mile Away from Being Caught

November 10, 2016
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It was crazy, unexpected, and I would never do it again.

Summer 2016 was pretty good I mean like really good, I had some of the best nights of my teenage life. This is event is definitely one I will never forget it, who knew how much could happen within five hours?

Mid July me and my friends through a party, it was pretty unexpected and last minute I thought I would just be sitting home all night watching the TV show Catfish, but that wasn't the case my night changed after I got a text from my friend Joey saying “Hey I am throwing this lit party at this campsite you should come!” I mean ofcourse I would go even though I never been to a “party party” the ones that everybody at school talk about, the parties that are unforgettable, and the ones you want to relive. I ended up texting back my friend saying “ ya I will come do you need help” he responded right away with “Ya!” I headed over to the campsite after Joey gave me the address, I was thinking in my head “well where is this place even at” it was so deeply hidden in the woods off of one of the backroads I start looking left to right trying to find the place since my GPS said “You have arrived.”
As the dust from the the dirt road cleared from the car in front of me I read a sign saying “welcome to camp” to my left, I couldn't believe I found it I had to have passed it three other times. I pulled up into the campsite there was a slightly steep dirt road leading up to the camp itself, I could see many beautiful green pine trees surrounding me and the sun gazing through the leaves on the tree it was quit a site.

As I continue on the long bumpy and rocky dirt road I see my friends to my right all huddled up. I park next to this abandoned Ford truck that looks like it's been there a few decades or years. I got out of the car and I am greeted with many hellos from my friends I also saw some new faces from people I didn't know very well but they apparently knew me as they also greeted me with a “Suh Dude!?” I stood in confusion for a second but then I finally opened my mouth and said “Aye wassuh dude?!” I start to think how weird the teenage slang got to the point where we don't even say “What's Up?” or “How are you?” We decided to go over the game plan on what we needed to do to make this party unforgettable and unbelievable.


Little mumbles went across the conversation about things that we can do or stuff we can get for the party. Joey comes up with an idea finally after we all were standing in a circle awkwardly staring at eachother waiting for at least a whisper to come out of someone's mouth, Joey had said that we should all just carpool to the salvation army to get cheap supplies since we are all very broke High School kids. We all ended up going into my friends Andrew’s small gray Ford, there were six of us and Andrew only had five seats like most cars so we ended up illegally fitting four people in the back seat no one in the back were wearing seatbelts including me.  As we leave our cars in the lonely campsite I was thinking so many things such as “What if the cops come and tow our cars?” “What if a cop sees us not wearing seatbelts?” It was just one thought after another my anxiety went up to a level I could not explain, the feeling that I had felt like when my parents yell my full name then that’s when you know you're in trouble, I have never been in trouble with the law before I would not want to start now.

As we were cruising down the road we finally meet our destination the Salvation Army. We all bolt out of the car due to the limited time on our hands we rush into Salvation Army looking like crazy teenagers on some wild stuff. We all take a gander around Salvation Army looking for the speakers then we see it, down the aisle, the speakers were calling our names! We rushed down the aisle and there it was, the speakers. I've start looking at all the speakers but specifically looking to see if they had an aux input or how loud the speakers went. After looking for an hour for a speaker that had everything we need we ended up finding nothing at all, we lost all hope all dignity for this party in less than two hours, until my friend Josh said “Hey guys I actually do have a great speaker at home!” We all looked at him slowly giving him a glare due to the fact he had a speaker the whole time while we wasted time in the Salvation Army for no reason, Joey said “Yo let's all go to Josh’s house and get that speaker!”

Once again we all bombarded towards the car because time was ticking, we got into Andrew’s car and floored it to Josh’s house it was insane we were almost going faster than the speed of light I swear! Finally we get to Josh’s house to get the speaker, we tested it out and everything was loud and smooth, you could really hear the base and the vocals it was almost as clear as water. As we are about to leave Josh mentioned how he had left over beverages from a party that his parents threw last week, this really helped us out because it meant right after we left his house we go straight back to the campsite, so we decided to grab the drinks such as Sprite, CoCo-Cola and many other type of beverages. Back into the car we go still the same four people squeezing together in the back seat I can start to feel Joey’s sweat from the summer heat, I try not to make a big deal out of it but being a germ freak I was not too comfortable.

Fifteen minutes later we reach the deserted campsite some of our friends were already there standing, in the dark waiting for us to start the party or to even make a whisper, some of them have been waiting at the campsite for an hour and they started to get mad. Joey quickly plugged in the aux cord to the speaker so that we had something better to listen to than the crickets or our little mumbles in the summer air. As the music start to blare people are slowly getting into the party I see Joey high five Andrew saying “We did it, this party is lit!” The only light we had at the time were the 6 car lights, Andrew decides to get the gasoline from his trunk and whips out a light so that he can make a fire, this was not just any fire the fire was huge and the flames seemed to not be tamed due to the fact they were going wild in the air. In my mind I'm thinking “There is no way we will pull this off.” We  are not far from the main road,  we have a bonfire also loud music someone will definitely find us.” I start to get anxiety, I knew we should've never thrown this it is not going to end well I know for sure, and then I hear what I thought wasn't real at first, I hear sirens like cop sirens echoing throughout the trees in the woods. Gone, gone we go everyone rushed to their cars like a herd of sheep running through a field, we all knew the cops were coming because then we start to see the red white and blue lights flicker throughout the trees!

We started our cars and left throughout a backway at the campsite, we I could see one of the cops following my friend but somehow he ended up getting away from the cop car. My heart rate has never been higher I'm surprised my heart did not just explode, my anxiety was up and I thought this was the end, we are all just in big trouble if the cop that was following my friend turned around and went after us.

This ended up not being a fun experience for me or my friends, no party is worth almost getting charged with trespassing or maybe sent to court who knows, I just learned that you need to be careful in life, you may be able to get away from a few things in your life but someday you won't get away with it and will be caught and you will regret what you did such as I did when I saw the cop coming. I think everyone should think of safer ways to party instead of trying to impress the whole school or even trying to fit in, the consequences are not worth it it will put you in so much trouble with your parents and the law. I will make sure that next time I help with a party that there is some type of an adult there and make sure it is in a legal spot. Well I did not get caught and that's good but I did almost get caught, listen to what I taught you do not follow in our footsteps or even anyone's footsteps be your own person and don't feel like you need to please people at your school just do something that pleases yourself.

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