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November 10, 2016
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Now i’m not the best madden player but i’m alright though, And playing my dad is one of my favorite people to play. Me and my dad playing Madden is always a challenge for me, He has more experience, but i’m very cocky and i talk a lot of crap to get into his head. He always wins though for some reason i just can never beat him. I’ve beaten him a few times but lately i’ve been getting demolished. Maybe it’s just the teams i choose or maybe he’s cheating. Either way when me and him play things get very intense. I started to think, in what way could i beat him. Maybe I should start picking a better overall team than him, Maybe I could possible start running different plays or something, I couldn’t quite figure out how to beat him. The offense he runs is very explosive, He’s constantly running the ball very rapidly through the holes in my defense. My defense would begin to get tired after him running the ball down my throat. Then he would run a play action and throw a touchdown pass because i would be committing to the run.

You see I eventually got better and I started to become closer to beating my dad. I started to brainstorm some ideas. I decided to develop my own game plan, I was very abrasive about what i was going to do to finally defeat my father, I knew my game plan was going to work. Going into the game I was very coordinated, I knew my game plan, I had studied it so much that it had become  like a second nature to me. I knew that i was going to finally beat him, after losing countless times without a win, I had a feeling i was going to finally get a win. Before the game my father said, “ if you don’t win this one, we aren’t playing for a month.” “A month” i said. “Yep a full month so you better win,” he said. But little did he know i’ve been practicing studying to make my game better.

By the end of the first quarter the score was 7-7 we was all tied up, But i had possession of the ball. I knew I needed to come down the field and score. I ran a play action pass rolled out the pocket threw it down the field to Dez Bryant, “touchdown” I yell, as the crowd goes crazy. All I need to do is get a stop on defense before halftime, then score and the game would be over. I could then just run out the clock. I could also just score again. My dad ran a counter weak to the left, I was blitzing 2 linebackers trying to get a stop, I got more then what I wished. He handed the ball of and was following his blocks, he cut left then right but i was there, To lay down the boom and make him fumble. I had this one chance 15 second on the clock left to score on my own 45, I Ran a hell mary And prayed for a miracle. I hiked the ball ran out of the pocket and threw the pigskin to the end zone, Incomplete it was. I went into halftime up by 7 and i was receiving the ball.

The second half of the game i knew was gonna be short. I knew the game was over already because momentum was on my side. My dad would score then I would, and it was constant for about the whole 3rd quarter and about half the 4th quarter. The game came down to my dad’s last drive either he was going to tie the game up and then try to get a turnover, Or turn the ball over and lose. That’s exactly what he did with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter, Threw and interception to richard sherman. And that was all she wrote.

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