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November 10, 2016
By ltcavins BRONZE, Lambertville, Michigan
ltcavins BRONZE, Lambertville, Michigan
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I feel the water just grazing my skin as I skim through like a hot knife through butter. My whole team and family screaming with excitement as I realize that there is someone next to me and no one else. I fight and fight to touch first but just as I feel the win slip through my fingers I see my the medal girl. She is holding all the bright shiny medals that will declare greatness, but all I see gold. I lurch forward and with my might finish. The ribbon that drifts me back to this moment over and over again like a movie on repeat keeps me going and continually screams state champ… My life has revolved around a pool for as long as I remember. It gives me power, control, and most important happiness. The lanyard is something so small but makes such a big impact on my life.

The soft cushion seats flamed up as the ring of heat underneath got molten hot. Air was sucked out of the bone shaking air and sucked into the roaring engine of the car. The thick layer of frost was screeching as it was ripped off the warming glass window. The soft fabric of the lanyard brushed up against my leg as the brake gave way and the shifter fell into reverse. The wheels creaked as the deep forest green metal contraption swayed down the drive. I hear my mom yell to be careful and then silence but I knew what she was saying anyway. I knew she wanted me to text her when I arrived at my destination which was my teammate Kevin's house. He was taking me along with him for the long two hour journey to Saginaw Valley State University for the 2016 Long Course State Championship. 24 hours later I bound into the pool with excitement. I focus on the glistening crystal water the engulfs the 10 lane 50 meter hole. The bleachers are stacked high on the North side while massive letters that spell out SVSU hoard the South. Parents filled in the benches like ants on a log while swimmers splashed and coaches yelled out times for warm up. The podium soared into the sky with 8 stairs right in the middle of all the commotion. It was strange, but I almost could sense the events that were going to take place this weekend. I look around and spot the one person who seems to be just as excited as I am. She stood at five foot and three inches and although rather short was not short at heart. Built along with a wall of muscle topped with chopped fiery orange hair and wisps of gray. The glasses gave her eyes a narrow look complementing her rosey cheeks and caramel tanned skin. The royal blue eyes matched her shirt that was embroidered with the words “COACH”. The first short day is about to start with only two events. After my race, The 800 freestyle, I learned that actually finished 7th overall. I was awarded with a medal and at that point realized that this weekend was going to be full of many more. After the entire weekend I finished with 3 medals and 3 ribbons, however I still had one more event, the 400 freestyle relay. That is the one event that has me with the title of State Champ along with my 3 other teammates. We continue to achieve greatness with our time qualifying us for two other big meets, Sectionals and Futures Championships. After the meet I am back home and start all over again for the new season of swimming.

Now my keys held the victory as they had attached a cold steel ring puncturing the silky blue fabric that hung low. Woven tightly and glued together with the memories of victory. Swimming shined brightly screaming motivation and inspiration. The thick gold medal that hung low scarred with the words, state champ was now a vanished figure but still was visible behind my cold eyes. The once fabric that hung around my neck with the smiles of the realization of being fastest in the state now stayed with me always keeping me forever going.

The author's comments:

I am a very competitive swimmer that really wants to get a scholarship to swim in college. I really would like to motivate and inspire young swimmer with my piece. I never used to be the fast swimmer, I was always beat on my team. However now I worked hard and now I am the fast one that people look up too. 

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