The Death of Someone Close

October 7, 2016
By Anonymous

August 13, 12:27 A.M that day forever etched in my memory.The day my grandfather passed away.My grandfather survived cancer 2 times.Everyone thought he was going to be able to fight it again.He tried to fight it but he wasn’t strong enough.


I remember visiting him everyday in the hospital.My family and I hanging aroud him trying to be as positive as we can even though we were really scared.We talk about how he was going to fight it again like he did before.I was really close to my grandfather because of him I love movies even the black and white movies.So while he was in the hospital we would talk about movies and talk about stuff that could of happened and stuff that should of happened.So we watched alot of movies.Our family has not seen the movies we’ve seen so as the movie was playing we talked about the different thing that should and could of happened and they were getting mad at us for spoiling the movie so we would argue for a bit then just laugh it out.We were those people you hate that talkes during the movie.I would try to visit him as much as I possible can.The months he was there were good days and bad days because of the chemo.Before he started chemo he seemed more alert and then after the chemo he was always tired and never really felt like doing much.After a while the doctor came and talked to my uncle.I followed and the doctor said to us that the chemo was not working and that the chemo was not making the cancer worse because the cancer has spread so much already,the chemo was doing nothing it.He said that he doesn’t have much time left.My uncle asked him how much time,the doctor told us that he has roughly six months left depending on the rappid rate of the cancer.I have never seen my uncle cry,bursted into tears.Since I am the type of person who holds in their emotions.So I comfort my uncle to himdown the hall to calm him down so my grandfather wouldn’t worry.My uncle stopped crying,calmed down and cleaned his face.He walked into the room and got a little bit closer to him.The doctor told my grandfather.I was not there my uncle told me to step out of the room.


I was waiting in the family room for what it felt like hours,I waited with my brother and cousins.My uncle texted me and said that we could come back.The doctor was about to walk out hwen my garndpa stopped him and asked if he can go home.From the moment he got to the hospital all he wanted was to go home.After 2 times being here becaus of cancer all he wanted to do is leave.The doctor said that we can do that for you but it is gonna take some time.They had to go through a ton of bullshit that took a week to get done.Next to our room was a room twice the size so we got the nurses and doctors to pull some string and get us the room.The nurses new my grandfather so it was easy to get the room until he was able to come home.They talked o my uncle about his meds. and what it would take to take care of him.It toke a month for him to come home but he was home so I was happy.The first couple of days were hard my uncle became his caretaker and I decided to step up and help him out.I would wake up everyday at 8 to get ready and take care of my grandpa.I learned the medicines and how to take care of him.This was my routine for months.After we do everything,my grandfather and I would watch some of our favorite movies in one binge.Like  Lord of The Rings,Harry Potter,The Fifth Element,Austin Powers and one of our favorite shows was ridiculousness.But our top movie was The Phantom of The Opera,we’ve seen this movie so many times everytime we watch it it feels like the first time and the movie never got old.We wanted to watch it,he was always bugging me to watch the movie but I had to go to my moms house,I would wake up at thesame time and surprise him every morning.Just being there made him so happy and that is all I wanted was to see a smile on his face.


So after we eat breakfast I’d spend my time looking for the movie couldn’t find it.I stopped looking for it and found it at my mom's house.So I thought  that I would surprise him,he has been waiting to see this movie for so long.So I was going to bring it to him in the morning but I overslept and could not see him that morning.But I was going go see him later,I figured I would watch it with him later with him.I got a text from my uncle that afternoon telling me that we are going to the hospital,abuelo is having trouble breathing.I was on my way,my mom was bringing my brother and I over.We put our stuff in our room quickly and he looked yellow,he began to cough blood.When the ambulance got here they took him to the hospital,my grandmother went with him.We stayed home and waited to hear whats happening,my uncle called me and said to get ready.He came to pick everyone up.The doctor said that today might be his last.The family started to pile in the room.


I was in there for about 3 hours until I stepped out for a min. I needed to get some air.My uncle texted me to come up to the old room they are moving him up their to make him more comfortale.My grandfather can’t really speak he was unconsious and on a oxygen mask.We all sat in silence until my uncle started to tell stories about my grandpa and we all shared the stories of abuelo.His mother had the crazies stories of him.A couple hours later it happened the room stood silent and everyone started crying.We were there for 6 hours when it happened.It didn’t feel real to me and I know I shouldn’t regret anything but I did.I regret oversleeping,not spending the morning with him like I usually would because that day I missed I would never get it back.At that moment memories started to pour in my head of my grandfather like of me and him watching my first black and white movie.He use to work at the movie theater and he would take my brother and I to the back and shows us how everything works.How we gather up our favorite movies and watch them in one binge.We use to break night watching movies and eating alot of popcorn.


Our number one movie The Phantom of The Opera we would always watch it, sometimes we just skip to the music and sing along to the words of the song.I take from this to keep your love ones close to your heart and dont waste anytime because things happen in the blink of an eye.

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