The Ones Who Are Lost, But Never Forgotten

September 30, 2016
By lupelikesalpacas BRONZE, Hemet, California
lupelikesalpacas BRONZE, Hemet, California
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Everyone seems to meet the love of their life in some romantic setting. Love at first sight, casual bump intos in the hallways of their high school. We typically see love as that fairy tale where everything seems to fall into place and have a happy ending. What we don’t see is that love is not just found in Grease and Disney but also within family. Family is there for you when no one is, always there to support you. But when you lose that feeling of you once had of having them by your side, your world shifts.

Everything you once knew, all the memories, good times, and feelings seem to race through your head. The feeling of their tight warm hugs that you will no longer feel, as well the warmth you feel from within from their love. 


Nothing is more irreplaceable than the unconditional love they had for you. Although all this will be missed, the memories are what matter. The lucid smiles within them, seeing the person you love full with joy. They may have left physically but that does not mean mentally. You still have the wonderful comfort they gave you. All the good memories can be treasured and never forgotten. All the lessons in life that they lectured to you, will come in handy when you need them. Constantly remembering them during daily tasks. You might even remember them by doing the things they love.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than the loss of a person who you adored, the wise that guided you through your toughest times, and most of all the emptiness you now feel within your heart in the absence of your beloved. Just always remember, though you may be apart, they will always be there at heart.

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