I Am The Beginning and The Latter

September 27, 2016

I am. I am a boy named Alejandro M. I have always felt that I was special or “the one” in some way, but recently I realized that everyone feels this way. Whether it is cognitive bias or just human nature is beyond me. Everyone feels like they are the center of the universe, but in all reality we are all people having a conscious experience of what we call life. I am very thoughtful, I like to ask questions and argue a lot. People sometimes find it offensive but I just am not comfortable with just the “it is what it is and don’t question it” mentality. Despite this I am empathetic. This trait of mine used to peak when I was little, any pain or struggle I saw someone or something go through would make me feel like it was happening to me. It’s sad to think that as I grow older this is fading away; it seems that life tries to give us a “survival of the fittest” mindset. It shouldn’t be like this! I will cherish this empathetic view and always use it to remember not to abuse my power. I believe I am very powerful, I feel like I can create what I want to create; but of course I know I am not The God, but I am merely a piece of the fabric that is everything. Despite this I believe that I will succeed with what I want to do. I’d say I am observant or watchful. I like to view my surroundings in retrospect of what used to be, but also what it is and what it could be. Stop. Don’t think. Just observe. I am trying to make sense of what a peculiar world we live in I guess. I adapt. I am adaptable. Whether it is a social situation, a problem arises, or I have to change my ways, I always find myself adapting. I constantly think of ways on how to adapt in order to achieve what I want to achieve. When I see opportunity, I take it, and when there is none I merely leave it. I sometimes think this is not the right thinking to have but I feel like it is necessary. You can’t always do what is right to be effective, perfectionism is a sin that I value not to fall on. But a man’s pursuit for power only leads into an endless void of nothingness and vengeance. Thus I combine both love and power in order to get me, Alejandro M. I am guided by love but always gaining power. I am a boy named Alejandro M.

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