To That, I Am Thankful

September 29, 2016
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Bacon. The smell fills my room, the aroma the grease and cinnamon rolls make my stomach rumble. I run downstairs to get my cup of milk while getting the first bite in. My parents and I enjoy a meal together and talk about how thankful we are. My morning has just begun, and I can't wait for this afternoon.

Laughter erupts as conversations happen. Family friends spend time with us, and we go out on the boat, just like every other year. My mom has snacks, drinks, and beer. The Wisconsin cheese and Milwaukee-brew, my dad keeps stocked.

SMACK! My body hits the water. I float, keeping my feet high in the water, avoiding seaweed. I wait for the boat to turn and almost run me over (a fear I've always had) and I get back on, and I do it over again.

The charcoal grill bursts into flames. The wavy air reminds me of bonfires and the smell of summer fills my nose. Juicy hamburgers hit the hot metal, sizzling to perfection, topped with American cheese. Chatter with reminders of what happened the previous year and the family updates fill the backyard.

Memorial Day is special. Some families visit their local parades and others will celebrate the beginning of summer with parties. I spend my Memorial Days with my family enjoying each other’s company. But others are not this fortunate. Other Americans spend the weekend grieving lost loved ones, laying flowers at headstones, and trying to continue on with their life.

The men and women serving America in the military allow me to continue living a healthy, safe, and happy life. For not having to worry about being drafted when I turn 18, and for not having to fear a bomb going off in my town, for that, I am thankful. Memorial Day reminds of everything I am thankful for and what I have gotten from those have sacrificed so much.

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