The Cheerful Sister

September 29, 2016
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Sometimes, when I have time, I go outside and look at the sky. I greet the Sun smiling down, and I always wonder about how the Sun is always bright. The Sun seems to be like hope radiating no matter how bad the situation is. To me, my sister Sarah is the bright Sun. When I have bad days, she is always there to comfort me and give me hope. To some people, it may seem odd that a 10-year old girl would give comfort to a 14-year old girl but having an understanding younger sister was better than an older sister who may not listen and help my problems. I remember the moment when I got my first C on my math test in fourth grade, and I was filled with shock. I thought I would deserve an A, but I got two grades lower than what I desired, I lost all hope that I could graduate elementary school. However, my Sun came in and shone in my darkness. Sarah, who was in 1st grade during that time, said to me that I could do better next time, and all humans make mistakes to learn. Mistakes help people become a better person. I had embarrassing moments and other bad days, but she never teased me about them. The size of her heart, compassion, and love to me was like the circumference of the Sun, 2,713,406  miles. Sarah also has a sense of humor and is great in impersonating people. She is really good in evil laughs and always makes my cousins, aunts, and uncles have a good chortle. She always radiates with happiness, and sometimes, I always wonder how she is always in a good mood. The only time when she is not sunny is when she sleeps at night. I admire Sarah for who she is and being able to make people around her feel merry like today was Christmas.

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