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September 20, 2016
By , sacramento, CA

Who am i ?  My name is Mykou Y. I am a student in high school. I am a freshman. In my family, have 3 sisters and 3 brothers. I am fourteen years old. I am in jrotc. When i grow up i want to become a cosmetologist. Well at first i wanted to become to freestyle dancer.I want to become a cosmetologist because i love touching makeup, and when i was younger i used to always love watching my mom put makeup on herself.

I Love football. Every free day when me and my cousins and my uncles we don't have anything to do we would go to the park across from my cousins house and play football at the field. We each divide into two groups and my uncle will be the quarterback and throw the football to us. We only play until 5 or 4 down and we have to see who wins.

I love jrotc because i get to communicate with other people i Don't know or never seen before.Why i join jrotc? I join rotc because i want to try something new and i want to know the difference between pe and rotc. And because i want to try out their awesome uniform, and you have to wear it every week on thursday. I also join jrotc because i want to earn or get ribbons. 

In the future,i will become a cosmetologist. I also want to become a dancer{ free style dancer}, but i'm not sure, which one to pick. In the future i want my parents to be proud of me by going and finishing college. My parents expect me to be the better role model for my brothers and sisters.   

                                                               The End!!!!   

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